Help Colin Clyne with music video fundraiser

Thank you ever so kindly for stopping by and taking the time to read about my upcoming project.

My name is Colin Clyne, I'm an award winning Scottish singer songwriter who is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Currently, I'm in the final throes of finishing up a new single called 'Hindsight'. It is a beautiful string & piano laden ballad about love, loss and what could have been. 

It's absolutely crying out for a music video. 

I have been hoping to work with Aberdeen based filmmaker Barry Thackrey on a couple of projects for my previous two singles but unfortunately due to Covid restrictions on group gatherings, locations , budget cuts and the lack of money currently coming into the arts, these projects have not materialised.

We aim to use the funds to shoot the music video and cover all final production costs associated with the project.

We have identified a small group of actors and production crew based in Aberdeen that we would like to hire for the creation and completion of this project. During what has been truly testing times for the arts, being in a position to pay this talented group of people for the work they are passionate about would be a true blessing. Any contribution to this project would be greatly appreciated and would mean a great deal to those involved.

The current plan is to complete this production as soon as safely possible whilst observing all socially distancing and other Covid preventative measures.

Warmest thanks

PS If you are interested in learning more about myself and my music, please feel free to check out my official website:


Colin Clyne

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