Help Cat Get a New Home and Furniture

Many of you already know the story or parts of it, but Cat’s life was more or less destroyed by a combination of three things, - first her ex was physically, emotionally, and financially abusive to her for years, going so far as to buy himself a truck with her money despite the fact he hadn’t even worked since 2017, and even to take loans out in her name which she is paying off to this very day; second, once she finally got free of her ex, after her landlord’s drilling fist-sized holes between each unit during which time she only ever went to Joe’s Smoke Shop and back, she came down with bedbugs which basically has taken from her most of her furniture because they have infested everything (and was blamed by the landlord for “bringing in bedbugs” when the only plausible source was the fact these fist-sized holes led right to the laundry room for the entire Trelawny); and third, her landlord decided that after five and a half years of her being a great tenant, that he would unceremoniously try to kick her out because he could be making a lot more money by raising the rent and renting to a new tenant, and he knew she had very little means to fight back (because her ex took all her money, and the landlord charged her for the bedbug treatment that didn’t work!) After months of fighting the landlord, she’s decided to cut her losses and try to find a new home. She currently doesn’t have a couch, a bed, and the capital she needs to rent a new unit is very steep. In Portland, it’s very common to ask for first month, last month, and an additional month of rent for security deposit. That means it’s usually around $4.5-$6k just to move in.

I am sure that everyone agrees that no one could deserve what she has been put through. She has struggled for years just to get by, when prior to meeting her ex, she was known for traveling frequently, always wearing the newest styles, and being a bit of a social butterfly. Now she is stricken with massive debt, PTSD, - despite which she is often thought of as a sunny happy person who would do anything for her friends. I’ve known her for years, and it’s only recently that I’ve ever even seen her cry. It breaks my heart, as I’m sure it does many of you, to know the vibrant happy-go-lucky person we all know has been suffering so much these last few years.

I am starting this GoFundMe to help her to get into a good apartment where she can live with her three beloved birdies, make sure she has bug-free furniture, and rush her back to being the person she always was instead of making her struggle to rebuild her life all on her own after her ex and her landlord took everything from her.

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