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My name is Hetty, and I am here, like others, to ask you kind people for your help!
Recently, I came into possession of an animal that I did not really wish to take in, but did so because if I hadn't, it likely would have died. The previous owner, whom I shall refer to as "Katie" for anonymity, had to move on very short notice and could not take Bean with. Their former roommate was also unable to take care of the animal. Katie told me that the roommate stated that they bought Bean hay, but when Katie came back to pick up the rest of their things, Bean was completely out of food and there was NO hay anywhere in site. Their former roomie was also out of town, had been out of town for a few days, and it was unknown when they would return.
Katie and their former roommate are not parting on the best terms, so Katie has no idea when the former roomie was going to return. So, as you can probably guess, was very upset at the fact that they could not take Bean with them, but also did not want to leave Bean there with zero care.
Katie asked me if I would consider taking Bean in. I said no at first, because I already have my own animals and cannot really afford to take in another, as I am financially pinched myself. I get by but do not have a lot to spare, so the added expense of another animal was not something that I needed nor wanted.
But, as I am here asking for help, clearly I took Bean in any way. Because I, too, did not want the poor t hing suffering for however long it was going to be alone with no food.
At current, the picture you see is the best I could do. They had Bean in a bigger rabbit hutch, but it was too big for my place and I would have had to deep clean it, and Katie was in the process of leaving so there would have been no time. This also happened at like 9:30 at night so no shelters or places were even open.
The small animal habitat was something Katie had. I know it's not the biggest, but please understand, it was better than nothing.
I borrowed hay (which you can't see because it's under the platform) from one of my other animals, but it's not something I can keep doing as it will deplete my other animals food quicker.
The best I could do food wise was the timothy pellets that you see in the bowl, but I know that pellets should be a supplement and not primary food.
What I am asking for is funds to help care for this animal. I don't have the time outside of work to deal with people, nor do I really want to go through that hassle, as I don't know who would and would not be a good candidate for me to adopt her out to, nor am I asking for advice on this! I just don't want to deal with people! I could surrender to the local shelter, but I also just don't feel right about doing that and it will be my VERY last resort.
According to Katie, Bean is older. Now, I don't know much about guinea pigs, they are not my animal of choice. I think they said Bean is around 7, so if that is true, I would like Bean to live as stress free as possible and not risk losing her due to stressing her our too much.
What I am asking for are funds for the following:
I want to try and get a bigger set up. Nothing too big, something that hopefully fits where the current cage is now. But if I can get one (and I prefer to buy one over making one) I will!
Food!!! Specifically, timothy hay!
Bedding! Right now, I am using kiln dried pine pellets and will likely continue to do so if they work. But if not, probably paper bedding.
If I manage to find a better set up, I would like to be able to get some accessories. Toys/things to chew on, a new water bottle (she needs one..the one she has not is very hard to clean) and other things.
Also, any vet care that I might end up having to deal with in the process of my research. Which will..likely end up being more than my goal amount, but I'll cross that bridge if/when I come to it.
As I am going to continue doing research, I cannot project cost. I figured $500, while it might be high, was a generous enough start. I don't plan on buying like super extravagant things. And I'll likely all be ordering them from the same website I currently get my pet food and such from. So money for shipping as well.
I will keep this updated as best as I can. Between work and doing research, though, the updates might be sporadic, but there will be updates! And I will, if the platform does not confuse me too much lol, try to include pictures! Whether it be pictures of updates on accessories/set up or pictures of what I PLAN on getting.
I know it may seem somewhat irresponsible for me to have taken in an animal that I can't 100% care for, but it was more irresponsible to leave it to suffer. Rock and a hard spot, I chose the lesser of two evils here.
I'm not the best at writing these things up, I'm sorry! But any help would be greatly greatly appreciated! And I'm sure Bean will be just as grateful as well!


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