Help Butch Keep His Home!!

The fellow you see is a father, a hard worker, and the kindest soul you would ever meet on the street. He has so much love in his heart, yet, this Valentine's day, he will become homeless. His home is going to auctioned off on February 14th, 2018, unless he can pay $4196.62 by that date. This is because of past due property taxes with interest and penalties.

You see unbeknownst to Butch, the tax certificates to his property had been sold. He was not told when he went to the tax office to pay the Current years’ taxes, that he owed past due property taxes with penalties and interest. Legally, unless you ask, the offices are not required to inform you if you owe any years you missed when paying the property taxes. 

He was unaware of it due to brain damage that caused permanent memory and cognitive function loss. In 1993 he suffered a major head injury in a two story fall at work. He was rushed to the E.R. and over the course of several years he needed several life saving surgeries. The company fired him claiming that the ‘accident was his own fault’! So Butch didn’t receive any workers compensation, and now didn’t have a job. He had worked for this company faithfully and loyally for many years.

He could not work during the long time of hospitalizations, surgeries, Physical and Occupational Therapy. He had to rely upon family and friends for financial support and assisted living support. Once he was finally able to function well enough to work, he had a very difficult time finding a company willing to hire him. He ended up working several minimum wage simple labor jobs and finally managed to secure a newspaper route. The only reason he was able to perform this job, was because his eldest daughter helped him work his paper route. He is unable to remember all the addresses he must deliver the papers too, so she helps him with that. Otherwise he would not be able to work.

You see, we have all, at some point or another, been a part of a family. Either by blood or friendship, you know what it feels like to have been wanted at some point in your life. Butch has lost his wife, brothers, and his parents. His mother passed away in 2011 leaving him alone raising two daughters. 

Butch's parents bought a trailer and made it a home. Many laughs and fond times were had in that home of theirs. Over the years, the home became old, just as the family did. One by one, Butch's family members passed away. His mother was the last to go. It did not help his financial situation, that over time, each family member became sick or too frail to care for themselves anymore. Butch, the youngest brother and son, took care of each of them until their final days. It's not easy remembering every single responsibility, like paying property taxes, when suddenly you are taking on the responsibility of providing care for another person.

Butch had raised two wonderful daughters despite the losses they have all faced together. So I am asking for help for my father so he may be able to pay the $4196.62 by February 14th, 2018. He is too embarrassed to ask anyone for help in paying this large amount. If he did, he would find out that his friends and strangers would gladly help.

Thank You and God Bless You For Your Support!

Ms Kathryn McMurtry


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Butch McMurtry 
Jacksonville, FL