Help Build a Home for My Mother


I am writing on behalf of my father, Bill Thompson, who passed away unexpectedly on July 25th, 2021, at the age of 54. He leaves behind his wife, Lisa (Paul) Thompson and daughter, Jasmine Thompson. My mother and sister. 


Bill came into me and my mother's life 30 years ago, when I was 5 years old. He quickly became my best friend. Together, we built snow forts, created homemade Halloween costumes, and fixed cars. Bill was a toy store, an arcade, a comedian, a restaurant, an encyclopedia, a scientist, and a rock star all rolled into one incredible person. Through every joke, radio voice, or parody there was a lesson. He brought laughter, adventure, and a sense of wonder into my life. As a child, I was able to witness Bill become a father, first to me and then to my sister, Jasmine. In recent years, he witnessed me become a father and I watched him shift into the role of grandfather. He brought the same enthusiasm to that role as he did to his role as our dad. 


My mother and father were married for 28 years, during that time he always kept a roof over our head, clothes on our backs, food in our bellies, and love in our hearts. This has been a tremendous loss to our family. One of the most difficult weeks in my life. Bill filled different roles in each of our lives and we will each feel this loss in different ways. For my Mom, he was truly her best friend. The one that she shared all of life’s joys and sorrows with, and their love never wavered. She meant the world to my father. They were often laughing together, talking about the world around them and their families, they cooked together, and sat next to each other wherever they went. Their devotion to one another was one of a kind. Anyone married for that long knows what it takes and they had it. His passing has left an emptiness in her heart that cannot be filled, and there is little that we will be able to do to assuage that pain. Bill was a devoted husband, father, leader, and friend.


My father took good care of my mother. He always worked hard, and eventually found his path in the protection and betterment of the environment, specifically air quality. He was deeply committed to this work and contributed to this field on a national level, serving in many capacities for both the Tribal and Federal government. He took his commitments seriously and dedicated himself wherever he was committed. This was also true during the 10 years that he served the Penobscot Nation as Vice-Chief. He was a dedicated leader, making himself available to those who needed assistance and working hard to solve the problems that people brought to him.


One of the commitments that Bill made to my mother was to build her a new home on their family lot on Oak Hill, where my father grew up. They were forced to leave that home when we were younger due to the state of disrepair that the house was in. It was sad for them to leave and it has always been their dream to return. In addition to losing her soulmate on July 25th, my mother has also lost many of the dreams that the two of them had for their lives together. This is the one dream that I do not want her to lose. Returning to the family land meant so much to them both, and to the rest of our family. 



My hope is that we can all come together and make that dream come true for them. 



My mother is a humble, kind, compassionate, and loving woman. She deserves the best. She has helped others for her whole life. Today, she volunteers and spends the majority of her time helping with her grandchildren. She lives simply and doesn’t have the means to fulfill this dream on her own.  


Let’s come together to provide my mother with a safe home on the land where her and my father first fell in love. We will always remember Billy "Hot Dog" Thompson and the many ways that he took care of everyone around him. We now hope that you will help us make him proud by fulfilling his last promise to his beloved wife, Lisa, to ensure that she is taken care of while they are apart. 


Thank you for your support. If you can donate, please do. If you cannot donate we ask that you please share our story. 


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