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So, we've ceased to be EU citizens after three and a half years of excruciating uncertainty. Now we must ensure that we are treated fairly in every EU country as we move to a lesser status, that our rights under the Withdrawal Agreement are fully respected and that we claw back some of the rights that we are due to lose at the end of the transition period.

If successful, this crowdfunder appeal will enable British in Europe to fight for these things on behalf of all of us.

But first, we have to persuade you that we are worth your money ...

Who are we?

British in Europe is a coalition of grassroots organisations throughout the EU, representing the biggest grouping of UK citizens in the EU27. Our Steering Team is the 'go-to' entity for citizens' rights issues. We have a direct line to the UK government and the European Commission at the highest levels, regularly meeting secretaries of state, ministers in member states and top EU, EU27 and UK officials.

During the last 3 years British in Europe has attended over 150 high level meetings in the UK, Brussels and across the EU27.

What's our story?

The British in Europe coalition was founded in early 2017 to fight for the rights of Britons in the EU27, and is led by a Steering Team whose members have worked on a voluntary basis for three years. Throughout that period we have campaigned alongside the3million, the group representing EU27 citizens in the UK. We have battled to keep our existing rights and to stop Brexit from destroying the lives we have created in our new countries.   

For three years we have lived and breathed citizens' rights. We have pored over EU directives and case law to produce powerful dossiers which highlight the human cost of Brexit for the 1.2 million Britons in Europe. We have given evidence at the European Parliament, Westminster and national parliaments around the EU. Along with the3million, we have explained our plight to senior politicians such as Michel Barnier, Jeremy Corbyn, Guy Verhofstadt and Stephen Barclay. We have provided expert analysis and opinion across the media, building up a strong social media presence to break stereotypes about us and show how our loss of rights will affect our everyday lives.

Our Steering Team members have been invited to give evidence at several Select Committees in both Commons and Lords

So, why are we worth your money? 

Here are some of the things that we have achieved:

1. The Withdrawal Agreement

-  Working with the3million, British in Europe ensured that citizens’ rights were at the top of the list of three priorities in the agreement.

-  Both groups had a major impact on the citizens' rights chapter, feeding into (and being debriefed on) each round of negotiations and every draft. 

-  We highlighted previously ignored areas such as the rights of dual nationals, we ensured clarity on healthcare and social security and we persuaded both sides to extend the right of absence for permanent residents from two to five years

-  We widened the initial focus of negotiators to include issues that affect Britons of working age and particularly those of young people.

2. UK Government Issues

-  In ongoing talks, we have obtained a commitment that UK nationals in the EU27 going to study in Britain will be entitled to home university fee rates rather than expensive international fees for seven years from the end of the transition period.

-  We have obtained a grace period until 2022 for Britons returning to the UK with non-British family members without having to meet the requirements of normally applicable UK immigration law.

3. No-deal Plans

Through our advocacy on contingency plans:

-  We secured better provisions on healthcare for pensioners and the uprating of UK pensions than the UK government initially offered.

-  We obtained clarification and changes from member states that would have benefited Britons in areas such as registration for our new status.

4. Information

-  For our 35,000 members, at each stage of the negotiations, we have provided clear and accurate information on citizens' rights.

-  For government and the media we have provided expert analysis with a strong legal basis on the complexity of issues such as working rights, professional qualifications, pensions, healthcare and mobile citizens.

We have been present at all the main marches alongside the3million, with whom we've also organised mass lobbies and rallies and hand delivered a letter to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street

What still needs doing for Britons in Europe?

-  Monitor and provide critical feedback on the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement throughout the EU, particularly in areas such as reciprocal healthcare for UK pensioners.

-  In member states and at EU-level, press for a fair and consistent approach to the registration of Britons in our new status as third-country nationals protected by the WA.

-  Fight for rights such as continuing freedom of movement and cross-border service provision, which were unfairly left out of the WA.

-  Further lobby the UK government about student fees and the right to return with non-UK family members.

-  Continue to raise the issues of working people and young Britons.

-  Foster contacts with MEPs and the EU Ombudsman’s office to ensure that our rights are properly and consistently implemented across the EU27.

British in Europe Steering Team members are spread across 5 EU countries so we work together mostly online (daily) and via conference call (weekly). But once a year we manage to come together face to face for an intense day's meeting to plan our strategy for the months to come.

So what are your rights worth to you?

After three years of campaigning on a shoestring, we are asking you to help us to cover our expenses and fund the work of some steering team members for some of their work. 

Our overall target is 200,000€. This will enable us to step up our advocacy on your behalf, to fight for your rights and to monitor implementation throughout the transition period, which is scheduled to end on 31 December this year.

If we get 100,000€ our campaigns will be more restricted in terms of the areas we cover and our advocacy trips to Brussels, London and Member State capitals will be less frequent.

If we get 50,000€ or less, our organisation will be in serious trouble and we will even have to consider closing down. After three years of voluntary work and funding BiE largely from our own pockets, our savings are depleted or exhausted and our businesses and families are in dire need of attention. 

British in Europe Steering Team members in action around the EU27 - here we're in France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Spain.

So, how much do you value your rights and those of your family? 

If the British in Europe Steering Team is not fighting for our rights, who else will?

We - the British in Europe Steering Team (see below) - are asking you to donate as much as you can to ensure that British in Europe can continue through 2020. To make a donation and to help us to continue to fight for you, just click on the ‘Donate now’ button on the right-hand side of your screen and choose the amount you are able to donate. Everything we receive will be received directly into British in Europe's Paris bank account and used wholly to fund our citizens’ rights work. 

Thank you.

British in Europe is an Association formed in France under ‘Loi 1901’ – a not-for-profit organisation (registration no: W751242326 ). Our legal address is
British in Europe ASBL
rue St Honoré 48
75001 Paris

British in Europe is led by a Steering Team: Jane Golding (Germany, co-chair); Fiona Godfrey (Luxembourg, co-chair); Jeremy Morgan QC (Italy, vice-chair); Christopher Chantrey (France, treasurer); Kathryn Dobson (France); Kalba Meadows (France); Michael Harris (Spain), Debbie Williams (Spain); Roger Boaden (France); and Zoe Adams Green (Italy).

You can find us here:
The British in Europe website: 
British in Europe on Facebook: 
British in Europe on Twitter:


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