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Help Bianca Survive Breast Cancer

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Dearest community, 

One of our most beloved, kind, generous, and big hearted friend needs our support. Bianca Butti was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and is facing it for the second time. She is tremendously courageous and brave - and her thoughtfulness is what lead her on a healing path that brings together both traditional western oncology and the best holistic support and cutting edge cancer treatments. As you can imagine cancer treatments are very expensive and unfortunately so is taking time off to heal. The majority of the procedures that she is undergoing are not covered by insurance, such as Cryoablasion (freezing of the tumor) and are currently piling up on her credit cards. We are hoping that if we gather together, pool our resources, and share widely with our community we can support her by taking this burden off her shoulders and giving her the gift of being able to continue with her treatments, and time to not stress about finances. To know Bianca is to love her, and if you want to do anything to support please donate and please share this fundraiser as widely as you can.  

From all of us that consider Bianca family, we thank you! 

A note below from Bianca about her journey

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in March of this year. I was beyond devastated. A new tumor appeared in my right breast, almost 3 years since I was declared "cancer free." For those of you who don't know me, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2015, I was 34 years old. I underwent a traditional western program of chemo, surgery and radiation, which I thought had worked, up until a few months ago.

I will say that getting a cancer diagnosis for the second time,  is a lot less scary than the first time. After being diagnosed a few years ago, I did  a lot of research about breast cancer and cancer in general. For cancer round two I felt more patient and well informed about what my options were for treatment. 

I firmly believe that the most powerful treatment is the treatment one believes in. In my research, I found a cancer center that uses a more integrated approach, the Center for New Medicine in Irvine. I can’t tell you how empowering it is to walk into a cancer center and feel that what is happening in there aligns with what you believe. The biggest problem with seeking integrated care is that insurance companies do not cover "alternative" treatments even when well backed by medical research. 

There is a whole world of amazing healing modalities and the hard part is navigating which ones are good for you and your cancer. We are so used to hearing from the experts who “know much more than we do.” But no one knows your body as well as you do.  
So I’m choosing alternatives: mistletoe, high dose vitamin c, a cutting edge procedure called cryoablation (where they actually freeze the tumor), and using nutrition, exercise, and emotional therapies to heal this from all angles.  

But I need help, I need so much help, and I have a hard time asking for it. Already the medical bills are way above my head and there are just more every day. My goal is to reach $60k which will cover most of the cost of the treatments currently - if I can raise beyond that it will go towards the rest of the upcoming treatments over the next 2 years. Oncologist appointments, imaging, bloodwork, scans, oxygenation treatments, acupuncture, herbs, supplements. 

At the end of the day what matters to me most is all of you, your support means everything to me - it carried me through my last journey with cancer and continues to uplift me and fill me with gratitude."



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