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Aliyah, is eleven years old. She was diagnosed with Mono a few months and logo. Ever since then, Aliyah, has been sick on and off with more bad days than good. Aliyah, has been a competition dancer for a few years now. Her final competition for this year was on June 2, 2017 in South Lake Tahoe which is a 2 hour drive from her hometown. Prior to that competition, Aliyah, was suffering from a stomach ache, lack of energy and loss of appetite along with other ailments. Aliyah's, parents, Jen D.C. and Marell, had previously taken her to the doctor 3 times in 3 weeks while being misdiagnosed every time for constipation . The night before competition, Aliyah , did not feel well. Although, she felt sick, Aliyah, demanded had Dto show up because she didn't want to let her teammates down. Within a couple of hours of being there she knew she couldn't perform, as we all did. Aliyah, cried, she was so disappointed feeling like she was letting everyone down. We all praised her for her strength and dedication. Aliyah, stayed for a couple of hours to support her dance studio. Family, friends and her teammates showered her with love. Aliyah, didn't feel good for the rest of weekend .The following Monday her mother made an appointment with the doctors office for that Wednesday. At 3:30 am, Aliyah, woke up saying she felt like she couldn't breathe. Jen, rushed her to the ER and Aliyah, was admitted to Renown hospital. Of course they ran the usual tests, blood work, urine analysis, chest ex ray and she received an iv for dehydration. The doctor's said she had neumonia, an abnormally low iron count and a high red cell blood count. Aliyah, received a blood transfusion immediately and medication for the neumonia. Everyone was relieved to find out why, Aliyah, was sick and we we were all confident she was coming home that day. Unfortunately, after a few days in the hospital the doctor's informed, Jen and Marell, that they believed, Aliyah, had Wegeners disease. Please take time to research this disease. Within a couple of hours, Aliyah, was rushed to Stanford, 6 hours away from her home. Their insurance would only cover one parent to go with Aliyah. Jen, and Aliyah, were immediately taken by ambulance to the airport. Marell, rushed home and quickly prepared for the long drive to Stanford. Her parents chose to leave Aliyah's, younger sister, Ella, who remains at home with her grandparent's. Tragically, their worst fears were confirmed. When a second chest ex ray was performed it showed a small mass on one of her lungs. This could mean that the Wegeners disease may have moved into one of her lungs. Wegeners disease is deadly if untreated.The doctor's told, Aliyah's, parents that if they hadn't gotten there when they did, Aliyah, could've died. Aliyah, has been on a mix of steroid's while the doctor's are monitoring what her body is willing to accept. This Thursday, Aliyah, will undergo a procedure to biopsy her lungs and kidneys with hopes the disease hasn't moved into her organs. Both of, Aliyah's, parent's are still by her side, They stay in her hospital room on a delapitated couch. Yet, they refuse to leave Aliyah, other than getting her favorite's at McDonald's. Aliyah's, parent's left with 2 changes of clothes never imagining they'd still be at Stanford for close to two weeks. Once , Aliyah, is discharded she'll have to return to Stanford in 2 weeks and then every month for check ups which is an 11 hour drive round trip. Marell and Jen, are both school teachers and have medical insurance but it doesn't come close to covering their costs. As I'm sure many of you can relate to this is an inevitable lifetime cost and undoubtedly years of debt. Between medical bills, traveling and missing work which all 3 of them missed the last week of school including, Aliyahs, sister, Ellas, kindergarten graduation. Aliyah, was also presented with the principals award of the year for reading the most books in her school. I don't know what more I can say other than this is most loving family I know. Aliyah, is truly the kindest old soul you could know. She is beautiful, kind, smart, helpful, happy, fun, respectful as well as a dedicated daughter, sister, friend and dancer. This is my first time and hopefully the last time I'll be on Go Fund Me. I don't know what to expect but we'd all appreciate prayers.
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