Help A Trans Person Move Out

My name is Aubrey. I'm a 29-year-old disabled white trans artist/musician. I live on ODSP and do illustration work and music where I can to try and make ends meet.
This passed December, my partner of 6-years broke up with me, and we have since been trying to make things work as roommates, but it's been more difficult than I could have ever imagined. We've talked it over, and I'm going to be moving out this summer. I have a roommate lined up in Toronto, and we are currently looking for a place to rent that's within our means, but ODSP really does not provide enough to cover the costs of being alive in this day and age, and they don't provide any assistance or support to aid with moving expenses.
I have a little bit set aside from prior donations to go towards the cost of Last Month's Rent, but I'm still short quite a bit on covering that. The $600 goal is currently the remaining cost of the Rent Deposit, and any additional goals will be put towards other moving expenses and getting myself stable and covering household needs once I'm moved in.
The reason I'm specifically asking for charitable donations for this is pretty straight-forward; ODSP deducts 50% of every dollar you earn in a month (passed $200) off of your next support payment, meaning I would have to work almost twice as hard just to make up the difference they would be taking off my income. This, quite frankly, is an incredibly cruel practice aimed to keep impoverished people living in poverty, and makes the prospect of moving for me virtually impossible without the assistance of others. But I digress.
I will also be opening up for commissions, plugging my bandcamp, patreon, and redbubble, and seeking other venues to try and cover these upcoming costs, but if you'd like to support me without needing Something Tangible™ in return, then please, donate to and/or boost my fundraiser.
Life is already hard enough as a disabled trans person in the current social climate surrounding my mere existence, so any assistance you can and are willing to offer to make things just a little easier is greatly appreciated.
Thank you all.

I've raised my fundraiser goal out of obligation to provide two month's rent to my ex so he has time to figure out how he is going to continue renting at his apartment. I did not provide him sufficient 60 days notice before packing a bag, the rats, and leaving, and just because I couldn't personally handle living there doesn't mean I didn't have responsibility there.  Plus, I do want him to be okay and stable, and given our situation, I know me leaving suddenly is a huge shift.

I'll be giving him my half of rent for June and July, which amounts to $1000, and the remaining amount from this fundraiser will go towards first and last, and paying for moving expenses and replacing things I'll be losing to the move.

Thank you all for understanding and being as supportive as you all have been.
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    • $1,500 
    • 10 d
  • Colin Leitch 
    • $50 
    • 23 d
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    • $5 
    • 23 d
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    • $30 
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    • $15 
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Aubrey Szabo 
Waterloo, ON