Help a loving family who've had devastating news.

I’m looking to you good people to try and help out my sister Lisa and her husband David along with their amazing family of 6 children to send them on one last family holiday together. Their Story Lisa and David first met when they were 10 years old, and over the next few years spent as friends their relationship started to grow. Not too long after leaving school they became a couple and their relationship began to blossom. In 1998 they moved in together. After a year or so they decided they wanted to start a family. Sadly there were issues on both sides and they were told the only way forward was through IVF. In 2000 they began the IVF and so began an agonising few years as their 3 attempts through the NHS were not successful. We were all gutted as we knew that Lisa & David would make fantastic parents. In March 2010 Lisa & David would get their first taste of parenthood after Our cousin Jackie, who had 4 children at a young age and was struggling to cope, made the difficult decision to give the children up. Lisa & David decided they would take on the youngest 2 of the 4 children, Ellie-may & Cole who were 3 years old twins. The eldest 2 children, Kelsey and Callum went to stay with another family member. In the meantime our Mum Ann had managed to scrape enough together to be able to fund private IVF treatment for Lisa. Mum had an illness she had been suffering with for some years called Systemic Sclerosis and we knew her years were numbered. With this in mind mum checked with me if I minded that she gave this money to Lisa as it would have been part of my inheritance. As Simon Cowell would say, The easiest yes ever. I literally couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of being parents than Lisa & David. In July 2010 came the best news I’ve heard for a long time, the IVF had been successful and Lisa & David were expecting twins, a boy and a girl. I was overcome with joy when I found out as was anyone that knew them, especially our mum. In February 2011 at the age of 55 our mum sadly passed, it had been 15 years since she was first diagnosed and had fought off various health issues over the years, but she couldn’t fight any longer. The grief for Lisa was compounded as mum would never get to meet her 2 new grandchildren. In April 2011 Lisa gave Birth to Annie & Zach and I was lucky enough to get to meet them as I was due to drive back to Bournemouth that morning. Lisa struggled to begin with, still trying to come to terms with the loss of our mum but with some help Lisa was soon to become the mother we all knew she would be. In 2012 their family of 4 would become 6 as Lisa & David decided to take on Jackie’s 2 eldest children, Callum & Kelsey who were 11 & 9 respectively and to this day all these kids have been given the best upbringing that they could have wished for. In August 2015 Lisa & David got married, putting a seal on their relationship forged many years before and completing their family. Lisa became a teaching assistant and David was a stay at home dad. To say Chaos was the norm in their house is an understatement, after being there for 10 minutes my head was burnt, but for Lisa & David it was the norm and they took it in their stride, just getting everyone ready in the mornings was a military operation. In spite of this they are a really happy family. Don’t get me wrong they have their ups and downs like all families but when there’s love at the core then they become unbreakable. In August 2018 David was first diagnosed with esophageal cancer after having some problems swallowing. The whole family and friends were gutted, I did some research and found that this type of cancer carries with it a high mortality rate and I feared the worst. David began his treatment, Radio and Chemo and the doctors had a plan to remove David’s esophagus once the tumors had shrunk sufficiently, the operation was a success and David’s recovery was full steam ahead. David was given the all clear in April 2019 and the whole family breathed a sigh of relief. Slowly but surely David began to become more like himself, getting stronger and being able to eat more each day and it seemed like we had all dodged a bullet. It turns out who ever had the gun was still firing as 4 weeks ago David had some issues in his throat as he lost his voice. Like most men David thought it was just a sore throat and it would pass but it didn’t so he got an appointment at the Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) clinic for some tests.  A little while later they had an appointment come through for David from the oncology unit which my sister thought was strange as she knew his next appointment was next year. So she called them up to see what was going on and she was told that they had been referred to them by the ENT. This was devastating enough as they knew the cancer must be back. At the appointment on 28th November they were given the awful news that the cancer was indeed back but this time there was nothing they could do, it is inoperable. They can start him on treatment but they feel ultimately that David is terminal and estimated he may have 12 months left to live ( I can’t even believe I’m writing this, still can’t get my head around it) As you can imagine this has completely devastated the whole family and everyone that knows them. They’ve been through so much already and now this. I kept telling my sister that she’s the strongest person I know and there no amount of bad luck that can stop her but this might be too much for even the strongest of people. That being said, and I appreciate it if you’re still reading, I would like to try and raise some money for them so they can go on one last holiday together as a family. I know money is tight for everyone at this time a year so I appreciate any amount you can spare.   Thanks for your attention,  Jimmy


James Hanaghan
Hogarth Drive, Birkenhead, Prenton

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