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Help A Family From Gaza To Have A Secure Life

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Hello, I am Hammzah Rammadan. I am 20 years old. I live in Gaza City. I am a university student at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. My father died several months before the war started. His death was a great tragedy. He was young and died suddenly. We woke up to the sounds of my mother screaming and she was terrified and shaking. It was very sad and painful. I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters. We lived in a beautiful home that embraced us all. It was inhabited by 19 people. It was a three-story house. On the first floor my aunts lived, on the second floor my family of 9 people lived, and on the third floor my married brother, his wife and three children lived. and this is some picture for my family

With the beginning of the war, on October 10, the occupation contacted us and the residents of our region. We who live in the Al-Nasr neighborhood were asked to evacuate immediately, so we fled without thinking. Minutes later, a genocide occurred in our area of ​​residence. We miraculously survived, but our neighborhood was completely destroyed, and we no longer had a home. It has been completely destroyed. These are pictures of the neighborhood where I grew up. I have become a pile of stones

‏After the death of my father, my brothers and me opened a small project, a children’s clothing store, as a source of livelihood for us, and we spent all the money we had on it. It was called Shift Kids, but it quickly turned to ashes. The store was burned, and the goods inside it were burned and bombed

The current situation is very difficult. I was displaced with my family to the south in a large bus for the residents of the area because the number of my family is large. We did not migrate in our own car, and something happened in front of us while we were on our way to the south via Salah al-Din Road. The bus that was just in front of us was targeted. May God protect us for the second time, so we headed to the south as the occupation asked us to do. We went to one of the houses in Deir al-Balah, but the occupation tanks also quickly approached us and asked us to evacuate the area again due to the approaching tank shells. We fled our shelter in Deir al-Balah, and the house was soon engulfed by tank shells and burned, and then was destroyed as well. We miraculously survived the third time. We moved again with my large family, but now there is no home for anyone we know to stay in. My family was displaced in a tent on the sea of ​​Deir al-Balah, but it was not enough to accommodate all of us because it was a small tent, so we were divided into two halves, half in a tent in Deir al-Balah and the other half in a tent in Rafah. We are now staying in a tent. A small tent made of nylon and some cloth on the side of the street did not protect us from anything, neither from the bombing, nor from the cold, nor from the winter water. Sometimes we wake up drenched in rainwater. We don't have clean water, food, or electricity. please look. The photos and video I took for you, our safety is uncertain. When I sleep, I think about whether we will wake up, die, or become pieces and no one will know us. I am very afraid and I don't want to lose any of my family members. After I lost my father, I felt that it was difficult and unbearable. We are separated in two areas and may not be able to reach each other at any time.

I need money to help buy more blankets and supplies for our tents because we are very cold. There is a tent by the sea in Deir al-Balah and it is very cold and the weather is also very bad. We are drowning in rainwater and extreme cold. Children are always sick and there is no cure for them.

‏We suffer in everything, even if we want to keep warm, it is difficult

I want to leave Gaza City and go to Egypt, knowing that the cost of going to Egypt per person ranges between 7,000 and 10,000 dollars, and my family consists of a large number. I have absolutely nothing: no home, no livelihood, no university. Even my university was completely destroyed as :

I need your help to travel from Gaza City to complete my university studies and find a new home for my family and my mother who was always sad. We had dreams and ambitions. This is a video of my life before and after the war.

I hope to complete my university studies and I hope to find a new source of livelihood for me and my siblings. I wish I could be famous because I'm a beautiful and attractive young man ☺️ but war, famine, fear and sadness have made us different from that. Unfortunately, watch this video of me modeling in a clothing store in Gaza

My beothers

‏I hope you will help me and donate to me, even a small amount, as this will make a difference. Only your help will protect me and my family. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for donating and for reading my story. I hope to live a beautiful, normal life like any other person. Thank you.

PS. ‏ ▪️I want to explain to you that I chose Florida because there is no Palestine among the countries, and I have friends who help me collect donations
▪️ ‏To withdraw money, I have a friend studying in Egypt who will help me withdraw donations and send them to me .
Thank you All ❤️


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Hammzah Rammdan
Tampa, FL
Ahmed Abu Ghazala

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