Help a disabled modder give back to dad.

Hi, my name is James. I also go by Phinix in the online gaming world and I am the author of several popular mods with millions of downloads for Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, and other titles. Some years ago I was stricken with a brain cavernoma due to a childhood baseball injury not properly healing. It is like a knot of tangled veins in my head that causes recurring bleeding and all sorts of neurological and physical symptoms I have had to learn to live with. That has been a journey in and of itself. However, this page is not actually about or for me.

Throughout this ordeal and for most of my adult life, there has been one person who has always been there for me, who has gone out of their way to bring joy and happiness to my life, even when I know it must have at times required a lot of patience and personal sacrifice. A talented musician, philosopher, gold miner and life teacher, he is someone who always radiates joy and a willingness to listen and care which is positively contagious. He has taught me all the most valuable lessons I have learned in life; humility, compassion, humor, and gratitude. That person is my father.

Having little to contribute materially or monetarily with a physically limiting health condition and $540 monthly SSI income has been difficult as he now enters the "golden years." Neither of us have ever been overly concerned with accumulating wealth, but we do rely on each other. Most recently his almost 20+ year old jeep has basically died, requiring probably a new transmission and complete rebuild/replacement of the badly leaking engine. Plus the air conditioning and heating hasn't worked in years which is tough for a nearly 80 year old guy who is particularly sensitive to the cold and living in the Pacific Northwest.

Something I have always dreamed is to somehow scrape together enough side money through donations and promotion of various modding projects to gift him a halfway decent vehicle that will at least be dependable and somewhat comfortable. This would also indirectly benefit me as he is my caregiver and means of transportation ~30 miles into town for groceries and doctor visits. It wouldn't even have to be something brand new, just a newer Jeep to replace his old one (he loves Jeeps), something with 4-wheel drive for the rugged terrain up here, and functional heating and air conditioning. Unfortunately there isn't currently a platform where people that do my sort of hobbyist programming can really get sponsors or promotion like Youtube/streamers can so this has not materialized.

So, after having exhausted all options within my limited ability to pursue and at the suggestion of friends and family, I am setting up this page in an attempt to raise somewhere in the neighborhood of $10-15k to give my dad the gift of a reliable vehicle, to eliminate that constant inescapable stress of not having anything to replace his broken down Jeep, and so we both can have a way to continue to get around while we enjoy the time we have together.

If you have ever enjoyed any of my work, or simply wish to help a disabled modder fulfill a dream of giving something back to the person who has done the most for them and so many others in this life, it would truly mean the world to us both.

Peace and love, and God bless America forever!



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