Mexico Mission 2018


On November 10th, our group will be taking a trip down to Ensenada, Mexico, to build homes for the disadvantaged people in this rural community.

I, along with a small group, are focused on helping build a new opportunity.

We have been supporting this fantastic home project since 2003 with upwards of 40+ houses built.

The homes we build are 16' x 20' simple three room homes on a concrete slab, with no running water,  kitchen or bathroom. We provide an outhouse and wiring is run, but many cannot afford to hook up to hydro.

We are reaching out for donations of any size. Every little bit helps. We pay our own flight and living expenses for the Mission Trip.

Here is an overview of the family we will be helping this year.


Angelica is from Oaxaca. She has 2 sisters, 2 brothers and was raised by both parents. They were so poor that when she was 11, her brothers approached their parents and suggested that they all go to US to find better jobs so that they could live in better conditions. Her parents refused to leave their land. Her 2 older sisters agreed with the parents. Angelica decided to drop out of school and go with her brothers. She only completed 4th grade. 

When Angelica and her brothers reached Ensenada, Angelica decided to stay there.  She got a job at a factory before the child labor laws went into effect for Mexico. From 11 to 14, she worked, rented a room and supported herself. When she was 14, Angelica met Miguel and Laura’s father. He 20 years old and wanted to take care of her. They were never legally married because she was underage their whole relationship. They broke up when she was 17. He never kept in touch with Miguel or Laura. 

At 19, Angelica met Alan’s father. They were married for 11 years. They divorced 4 years ago. He has a good relationship with Alan, but he does not pay child support or alimony.

Angelica blames her divorce from Alan’s dad as the reason that Laura spun out of control. Angelica says that Laura’s behavior got to a point that she was afraid to leave her alone. She didn’t go into specifics, but she said that she needed to take action before Laura hurt herself. 

Laura went to live in an orphanage when she was 12. The way the system works in Mexico is that kids from low income families can stay at an orphanage Monday – Friday. They get all their meals, their schooling paid for and on the weekends, they can go home to be with their families. They can move out of the orphanage at any time. After two years, Angelica says that she and the boys go visit Laura every weekend and that the visits have been good. But Laura is not sure if she wants to come home yet.

Angelica and Alan have been attending Pastor Leo’s church for 5 months now, Miguel refuses to go. When Pastor Leo heard Angelica’s story, and became aware of her living conditions, he immediately called YUGO. Pasto Leo says that Angelica is a hardworking mom who has made some hard choices to insure the well being of her kids, including divorcing Alan’s dad and insisting that Miguel stay in school. Miguel dreams of joining
the marines and becoming a system engineer. 

Pastor Leo asks that you join him prayer for Angelica and Alan to continue to come to church and for Miguel to join them, for Angelica to have the strength and the finances to continue to raise her kids, and for Laura to make the decision to come home soon.


Family is currently living on their property in a small shed they built themselves. They used scrap wood and cardboard for the walls, plastic tarps for the roof and the foundation is dirt. They have 1 queen sized bed for all of them to sleep on and no
other furniture. They also have a full-sized stove. They have no power or water. They use a neighbor’s bathroom.

Looking back at last year's build... 

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