Love Yourself, Heal Your Life

With Humility and Gratitude, Will You Please Help Me Reach My Goal?

My name is Erin Barcellos, and I really want to make a big difference in the world. It has been a burning desire and passion of mine since my youth. I am so honored to spend my life helping many people on a daily basis… and it still doesn’t seem like it’s enough. I want to help more people, and I want to help the people I am currently serving in even bigger ways.

I will be attending the Heal Your Life® Teacher Training Course in Co. Clare, Ireland this April. This teacher training course will offer me the certifications to offer workshops, courses and study groups in the legendary and life changing work of Louise Hay.

This is Important Because…

So many of us are suffering. We suffer from life’s traumas, illnesses, pain, heartache and oppression. Many of us honestly don’t know what true joy is, what real love is, or what it’s like to truly love ourselves. Many don’t know how to create or experience healthy relationships, or meaningful lives.

What if we all could experience happiness, joy and harmony in all areas of our lives?

It is my life’s mission to support all of us, including myself, in learning the tools for a healthy and joyous life. We ALL deserve it. Sometimes, we just need someone to teach us HOW.

Keeping Louise Hay’s Legacy Alive

Louise Hay (1926-2017) is known as one of the founders of the self-help movement and was one of the early, leading edge thinkers in the discussion of the connection between the mind and body. Louise’s philosophy embodies the power of our thoughts, and the profound healing power of Self Love. Louise had the opportunity to experience first hand the healing effects of this philosophy when she was diagnosed with cancer. She chose affirmations, visualization, nutrition and psychotherapy as an alternative to surgery and drugs. She became cancer free within 6 months. Her best selling book, You Can Heal Your Life, has sold over 30 Million copies.

I would consider it a great honor to receive in-depth training in Louise Hay’s philosophies and healing techniques. I would love to use these tools to not only heal my own life even more, but to help others to do the same.


With your help, I can attend this training and bring back the knowledge and wisdom to share with our community, and the world.

Here is an outline of how the money raised will be used:

Course Tuition $3,225.25  (Lodging and meals are included throughout the duration of the course)
Passport Processing $142
Airfare and Travel $1,200

Any additional funds raised will go toward other expenditures related to international travel before and after the course, and for covering personal and professional expenses at home to financially compensate for time missed from work.

I have created some fun and thoughtful offerings for your contribution. You will see the details under "Reward Levels". Any amount that you feel inspired to give or donate is welcome and is not limited to the specific amounts indicated. 

I would also like to offer you the accumulative rewards for your donation. For example: If you donate $75 (which is not an amount indicated on a reward level), you will receive the gifts offered on all previous reward levels leading up to $75. Therefore, if you're inspired to donate $500 or more, you will receive all of the gifts offered at every reward level.

Your donation of any amount is greately appreciated. Any denomination that you are inspired to offer is a valuable contribution, and will support me greatly. 

Thank You!
Really, I Can’t Thank You Enough

From the bottom of my heart, from every cell of my body, from every part of my being, Thank You. I would truly not be able to do this without you. And it’s so important to do, for all of us. So thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Erin Barcellos 
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