Hank's Fight with Cancer

On June 1, 2017, Hank was diagnosed with cancer of the liver.

Hank's story does not start there.

On December 2005, what we calculated was around the 28th, a little Siberian Husky was born in Corpus Christi, Texas.  He was about two weeks old when he was brought to his human mother.  He smelled slightly of poop and had a milk belly.  When he was picked up, he grunted.  His older brother, a cat, would give him dirty looks from afar since he was not used to sharing the attention from his mother with anyone.  Hank was so small he would sleep on shoes.  He was named Hank by his human parents after Hank Hill (King of the Hill) and there was another puppy named Tank who also became his foster brother.

Hank quickly grew and has always been a playful and friendly puppy.  His first toy was a small siberian husky stuffed animal we called his baby.  He was very particular about his baby so that his mother always had to be sewing and restuffing as he was by her feet waiting patiently for the baby to be healed.  This baby was sometimes buried in the backyard by Hank for reasons unknown to his mother, though his mother was always expected to go and find the hole, dig it up, dust it, and bring it inside before Hank could sleep.  During hurricane season, while there was flooding in most of the city as it rained, Hank was waiting anxiously by a window as his mother was knee deep in the rain looking for the baby because Hank couldn't stand the thought of his toy being outside in the rain.  Sadly, the baby had to be retired as there was little more than a head left.  

Hank's human parents took him to the pet store where he smelled and looked at different toys.  This is where he saw the porcupine/hedgehog stuffed toys he loves so much for the very first time.  The rest, as those of you who know him personally, is history.  No "baby" (toy) has been thrown away since.  Hank's collection of porcupine/hedgehogs vary from full stuffed toys to chewed-up rags that slightly resemble what they originally were.  These babies are usually sniffed and licked every other couple of days as a few chosen are selected to go sleep next to him each night.

Hank and his brother (as well as the army of porcupines) spend most of the day together.  When their mother and foodman get home, they are by the door waiting to be petted.

On 05/31/2017, Hank's mother saw Hankie on the floor covered in urine, feces, and vomit.  Hank was disoriented and the only one that had kept him company was his brother, who was also dirty but had not left his side.  He was rushed to the emergency room by his mother and foodman.  Hank had at least two violent seizures at home, and had three more in the hospital.  After a number of tests and his hospital stay, his mother and foodman were told he has a cancerous mass in his liver which needs surgery.  

Hank's mother will meet with the doctor on 06/05/2017 to discuss surgery for possible removal and treatment. Hank's tumors may or may not be operable, the only way is to go in and physically look as the X-rays and ultrasounds have not been able to show enough.  If tumors can be removed, they will be and further treatment will begin.  

Hank's mother is basing the amount above based on internet sites as an estimate from the doctor will not be available until Monday 06/05/2017.  Hank's mother has created this fund page because she doesn't know where to get the funds for is treatment.  

The life of a loving, playful, gentle dog cannot be summarized, but his mother has tried her best so you can get an idea of what he is like.  If if you donate, please leave your name.  Shall Hanku not be able to get better or if the funds are not needed Hank's mother would like to return the money.

Hank's mother also requests that you pray and share this page.  He and his brother are the light of her life and cannot imagine a world without her Hanku.

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