A Wheelchair for Judy

A little history about my condition:  Many years ago I was diagnosed with a malignent tumor in my spinal cord. The doctor was not able to remove all of the tumor so after surgery I had to go daily for 6 weeks and  have  massive radiation on that part of my spine.  The  surgery plus radiation was successful in killing the tumor but over a period of years scar tissue has wrapped itself around all the nerve endings in my spinal cord, so that  now the brain signals to move my legs won't go through the scar tissue, thus leaving me paralyzed.  This cannot be corrected.  Because of my paralysis ,  an undetected Urinary Tract Infection spread to my kidneys that caused acute Sepsis, ultimately leading to the recent diagnosis of stage 3 renal failure.

Many of you know I am paralyzed and have been working with a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) Supply Company and my Doctor and Therapist, attempting to get a complex power wheelchair with the elevation and standup features.  It has been a long drawn out process and finally after two and a half years medicare has determined that I do qualify and meet the medical necessity requirements for a complex wheelchair. However, because of recent cut-backs on complex wheelchairs, insurance will cover only the base chair, but not the elevation and standing feature.

In my opinion, the  cost for a complex wheelchair is outrageously priced and that is why I am humbly asking and need your support.  The complex wheechair from Permobil cost $57,757.00 and after Medicare pays and my BCBS Federal pays, my out of pocket cost for the chair with elevation and standing feature is $17,447.00.  

Several people  have suggested that I consider "gofundme" as a means to help  support my fund raising campaign.  Even if you are not able to help financially, if you can click on "Share" you will be helping me by allowing others to read this and support my campaign. 

  Technology has come so far and there are so many assistive devices available for paraplegic people today that enable us to live independent and normal lives.  However the problem is; an unemployed disabled person can't afford them.  Due to recent legislation, Medicare has cut access to vital seating equipment and this cost places a heavy burden on the people most in need.  Limiting access means more people will not receive the right equipment for their specific needs.

  Even though my doctor states that I need the standup feature and elevation, Medicare will not pay for these options.  I so desperately need and want to be able to stand.  Standing will help with so many things:
    *Improvement of range of motion (spine, hips, knees and ankles).
     *Reduction in spasticity
     *Prevention or reversal of osteoporosis
      *Improvement of renal function,
       *Drainage of the urinary tract

     *Prevention of pressure ulcers through changing position
     *Improvement in constipation and bowel function
     *Alleviation of pain caused by prolonged or inappropriate position 
     *Improve digestion and general well being

  The DME  supplier will not order the chair until it is paid for.  It is very, very humbling for me to ask my Family, Church Family and Friends on Facebook for any type of financial help or support and this is something I never, never envisioned myself doing.  I need and want this power chair and the ability to stand.  It will improve my life in so many ways.  I will be very grateful and appreciate your support in any amount and  please "Like" and"Share" my campaign on Facebook.  Please, even if you are unable to support me yourself, by clicking "Share"you will be supporting me by allowing others to read this and support my campaign.  No amount is too small.

Because of my steady decline over the years I have digressed from walking, to a cane, to forearm crutches, to a rollator, to a manual walker, to a manual wheelchair, and now for the past eight years I have been in my present motorized wheelchair but so many things are going wrong with it.

Thank you for your help.
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Judy A Nichols 
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