Legal Fees dealing with stalker/harassment

As you may know, I'm a fiercely independent person, and my little daughter is the centre of my world. 

We moved to what I hoped would be our forever home at the end of last year and unwittingly ended up in a nightmare situation.  I have found myself being stalked and harassed by a psychotic neighbour, whose relentless campaign of terror against me and my daughter seems to know no ends.

This has included him videoing me innocently walking the street and using that to incite people to shoot me in a "Paul Revere style warning" (added racism anyone?!). After being made to remove those videos (after six long hard and terrifying weeks), he then took his revenge by harassing and filming my one-year-old daughter and her eight-year-old half-sister as they played in our private back garden. 

I keep hoping that he will get bored and find another interest, but he seems to be really getting off on it and despite me doing my best to ignore him and keep out of his way, he has started to abuse the court system, which he admits doing, to get me to court and harass me further with a pack of lies.  I feel sick and scared in my own home and like a prisoner in my home. 

I had to face him in court yesterday and his case was dismissed, and the court gave me a safety restraining order against him which should stop him from doing these things.  Briefly, I felt some peace, and that I could start devoting time to other things and living normally with the curtains open again. 

However,  that moment was short lived as by 7.30pm, the harassment had started again with him sending his assistant to harass me and little Elsie at our home, despite that breaching the court order I'd been granted to give us some safety. 

It is a living hell. The constant sickness, anxiety and distress that someone apparently gets off on causing.  He is a highly dangerous, unstable and armed man, who thinks that the law does not apply to him.  The huge amounts of wasted time. The money.  It's a lot to bear.  I have had to call the police out four times in seven months, in fear for our safety. I just want to live in peace and safety. 

I am not the only person he is targeting, there are at least two other women I know of currently in the same or similar situation although he appears to be particularly and relentlessly obsessed/fixated by me and made it clear he has watched me and extensively googled me and watched videos etc.  He seems to fixate on finding ways to get my attention and, as such, has created a hellish situation which detracts from living our normal and full lives. 

As I said, I'm a strong and independent person, I'm hugely proud and like to pay my own way.  This nightmare has already cost me thousands in legal fees and I'm a single mum who is working full-time already. 

So I am swallowing my pride to ask for your help in any way that you can. I wish I was trying to pay for something sexy or fun, but I simply want to live with peace and safety in my own home. 

If you feel that you could help contribute to the imposing legal fees against this absolute monster, I would be very grateful.  

The only thing I can do is keep pursuing our safety through the court system and hopefully at some point it will work.  I am no scaremonger to say that I am genuinely scared for what he is capable of, and I want to protect my daughter and myself so that I can be there for her and see her grow up. 

Thank you in advance.

- Caroline
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Caroline Feraday 
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