Save A LIFE / Who Needs Healing?

COVID 19 UPDATE: This is exactly the kind of thing this system was designed to help with... when we get this system we could prevent any further pandemics and end this one very quickly,

We would be able to heal many who have been told they will not make it or worst, are refused treatment say because there are not enough beds or ventilators.

Please help start saving life's by donating today, even if it is a pound it would still go a long way, thank you. Please also share far and wide, it would be greatly appreciated.

In Hope,
NextGen Software Ltd.

Save A LIFE / Who Needs Healing? / Heal The World

Who I AM

Hi, my name is David Ellams and I am a very experienced Senior Developer/Architect and have been in the industry for over 18 years now, I have a 1st class honors degree in Computing And Informatics and a wealth of experience and skills in most things IT related, especially in software development.

I have previously worked for Nokia, IRIS (the UK's number accountancy software house), More Software (another accountancy software house) and I have also worked with Microsoft, Natwest, RBS, TD Waterhouse, Hargreaves Lansdown, JP Morgan, Aon, Camelot, DVLA, NHS, HMLR, DMGT, News International, BBC, European Parliament, BP, EA, Regus, NBS, Volvo amongst many other big names listed on my Curriculum Vitae.

Nokia stated I was the best contractor they had seen and I was the only one I was taken on without a face to face interview, I also here this in most roles and I am also often the only one who scores 100% on technical tests. I was also top of my class when studying for my degree often getting 90%+ in all modules, plus the degree was rated the hardest the University had to offer and the School of Computing was rated one of the top five in the country by The Times newspaper.

Please check out my portfolio and CV here:
David Ellams 

I am run by love rather than by money and greed. I wish to use my gifts for good rather than evil to make a real and lasting difference in the world by helping as many people as possible.

NextGen Software Ltd

This is why I formed NextGen Software Ltd, bringing tomorrows technology today by co-creating a better work for tomorrow...
We build apps and games to help make the world a better place...

Read more here: 

We specialise in educating the world about mindfulness, meditation, yoga, spirituality, etc in fun exciting ways for the whole family though apps & games, etc...

NextGen Software was created in 2010 to bring tomorrow's technology today.

We specialise, and take great pride, in providing the end user with a very rich user experience. The latest cutting edge technologies give the ability to create previously unprecedented user interfaces and experiences.

Although this technology is not yet widely used, we hope to help contribute to changing that.

This new technology is evolving and changing all of the time and it is hard work sometimes to keep up with it all. That is where we come in, we are continuously looking at new and exciting technologies that can help improve the end user experience and improve business processes.

Unlike larger companies who cannot change and adapt very quickly, we can constantly change, adapt and evolve, as the environment changes around us.

As new technologies emerge and existing technologies evolve we update our products to make use of the latest improvements. Normally you would expect to have to pay for this privilege but not with us. So when you invest in our products, you are not only investing in the present, you are also investing in the future...

NextGen Software Ltd provides educational, fitness, well-being, health & fun software to help make peoples life’s better and this also caters for Special Needs, whilst at the same time teaching the importance of looking after our environment.

We specialise in educating the world about mindfulness, meditation, yoga etc in fun exciting ways for the whole family though apps & games.

We build apps and games to help make the world a better place...

We also offer FREE developer training teaching all we know and offer you a job at the end of it to help create these next generation apps & games... 

Read more here:
NextGen Developer Training Programme 

We have many innovative ground breaking ideas, but our greatest by far is this healing app...

The App & Network That Will Change The World...

How much would you pay to save your or someone's life if the doctor's said they were terminal and could do no more? Would you pay £9.99? I think your find everyone would happily pay way more than that, since you cannot put a price on someone's life!

Also, would you pay £4.99 to be healed of any illness? I think you would...

This app will heal billions of people, animals and the planet including nature, etc!

It doesn't get better or more important than that !

It does this by harnessing the power of remote healing, people have way more power than they are led to believe, I personally have healed people terminally ill in hospital just by sending love, light, blessings and healing energy. Doctor's were shocked at the rapid recovery when they thought there was nothing more they could do for them. There are many stories like this around the world where miracles have occurred just from peoples intentions and sending love and healing energy. There are videos online of patients tumours being removed in real-time in a matter of minutes by people doing energy healing on them. One of these was of a few monks doing healing on a cancer patient in hospital and you could see the tumour shrink and then vanish in real-time on the medical scanner/equipment. 

Everyone has the power to heal people, animals and the planet, it's just a matter of intention, focus & believe. Where your thoughts and attention goes, energy flows....  The Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts, believes & emotions so if you have positive thoughts, believes & emotions then you will attract more positive events into your life, but the same also applies for negative thoughts, believes & emotions so it is VERY important we all pay attention to these at ALL times... we can then live the life of our dreams free of struggle and suffering and in doing so we can also help co-create a better world for everyone... This is at the core of this healing tech...

This tech will help empower people and make them realise that they have the power to heal people, animals and the planet... Yes there are existing powerful healers out there such as myself but anyone has the potential to also become powerful healers, its just a matter of believe, attention and practice... To become a more powerful healer an essential daily spiritual practice is required such as daily yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nature,

This app will change the world and finally prove just how much power each person truly has, we all have the power to heal ourselves or anyone else of ANY illness even supposedly terminal including cancer, tumours, etc...

It may even allow people to walk again, blind people to see again, deaf people to hear again, the list goes on and on, I am sure you get the idea by now...

There is nothing else out there, this will be a revolution...

One Of The First OAPP's For Our World/The OASIS

This will be one of the first OAPP (OASIS Apps) to integrate with Our World (the fully integrated & immersive UI to the OASIS API and the new internet). Users will receive karma for every person/animal/nature item they heal. People can also earn karma by empowering themselves to heal themselves. The site/app will also have general wellbeing/healing tips as well as allowing others to upload their own content, which they also earn karma for.

Check out the links below for more info:

What We Need & What You Get

We need funding to build this app which will help save life's as well as heal any illness permanently! It can also be used to heal any animal and even the planet itself...

By supporting us you will get FREE access to these apps for a lifetime! You cannot put a price on yours or someone's life so I think its a no brainer really...

Who know's one day this app could save your or someone you know's life...

Not For Profit, but for Love, Peace & Helping To Make The World A Better Place...

As with ALL NextGen Software Projects, this is NOT for profit, but instead for helping making peoples life's better and in doing so making the world a better place. All profits go back into the business to expand to enable us to help even more people as well as heal the planet and environment. The rest goes to charities and other worthwhile causes, which are aligned with helping us make the world a better place together...

For all those healers out there...

For all those healers out there, you also get FREE access to the app for life and it also an excellent way of promoting your gifts and services to the world...

This will also be the beginning of a massive global healing network we plan to build so make sure you get in on the ground floor and start building your online healing profile.

This will get your services known to billions worldwide...

There is so much more this app and network will do for you but we cannot say any more at this point... but trust me you will not be disappointed! ;-)

It is time for us healers to UNITE!

Let's heal together,for together we are stronger, together we are ONE

Be the change you wish to see in the world...

Other Ways YOU Can Help

If you can't afford to contribute, then that's fine, you can still help by getting the word out there!

Our facebook page is here: 

Please make sure you LIKE it and spread the word and get as many of your friends and family to LIKE it too, many thanks & much appreciated! :)

Every reward above £100 will automatically get your name added to the credits for the app/network which will be seen by billions...

Another innovative idea proudly brought to you by NextGen Software Ltd. 

Stay tuned for many more apps & games to come soon that will change and help make the world a better place...

Many thanks,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Founder & Managing Director
NextGen Software Ltd.


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David Ellams 
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