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Update 9/6/2017

Hello everyone! It has been about a month since my last update. Since then we have found out that my Son also has mold poisoning.

We have both started IV treatments, 1x a week for up to a year. We will retest our blood at that point. I am upping our goal, because I have an estimated cost of the following for us both, and any support would be appreciated.

- IV $150 a week x52 weeks x2 = $15.6k
- Detox Diet $800 per person per month = $19.2k
- Supplements $150 a month x2 (changing every 3 months for 1 year) = $3600

Our family lost everything we own due to black toxic mold that grew inside the walls of the duplex we rented. There was no visible sign of mold on the interior, and I had reported to the manager that the sprinklers had been leaking for sometime, but they were never repaired properly. When I say everything, I mean everything. Take a look around your house, and everything you own, for us, is gone.

It is taking a lot of courage to tell our story and ask for help. I am asking for help for two different reasons.

#1. I became ill (late April) with what I now know is mold poisoning a few months ago. After talking with doctors, I have learned that this recovery takes more than a medical doctor, it takes a specialist who understands this poisoning, and those specialists are $400 an hour and a diet that estimates at $200 a week. To say the least, this is a long tedious recovery to wellness.

#2. We lost everything we own, and are starting over. I walked away from every piece of clothing I owned, furniture, Christmas memories, photos (from the 90's of my son growing up) that were contaminated, and artwork that my son painted when he was in elementary school.

I am thankful my son and boyfriend have not experienced the same horrible symptoms of poisoning I have. They have had symptoms, but less life-altering. Their well being is the silver lining in this shocking experience, but they too have lost their memories and belongings.

I am asking for help to kick-start me to wellness, and for us to begin replacing items piece by piece. The ironic thing is, before I became ill we put an offer in on a house a few blocks away, and now we own it, and have nothing to move into it.

I do not want to post photos of my illness, but I will describe what has happened: my skin from my hairline to my chest plate has peeled off in layers, in cycles about 5-6 days apart, healing and feeling like leather, then recovering, only to flare up again. I have had an intense itch around my neck that takes patience and will power not to scratch, my eyes and face have swelled up multiple times, twice my eyes almost closed. My digestive system has been affected and my sleep disturbed.

I am doing best to educate myself on bouncing back from this, and have learned that it will take time and a lot of diligence to get better. As of now, I have limited my diet to just a few foods to begin the mold detox diet, walked away from anything that could be contaminated with mold (becuse it is airborne, it is invisible) and am working towards a full recovery to the best of my own ability, but know I need to start being supervised by a mold specialist doctor.

Thank you for reading our story, and if you can, for helping me to get well, and for us start over.

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