London Marathon

 I am running the London Marathon on October 3rd to raise money for "To Transplant and Beyond" a charity set up by my cousin John to help support organ transplantation. (Please see link below) 


John underwent a heart transplant in July 2000 after being diagnosed with a faulty heart valve five years earlier. Prior to surgery he was  barely able to function due to heart failure, requiring help with even basic tasks, however,  following  his transplant he has become fitter than ever. He has participated in a number of sporting events (including having run the London Marathon on 15 occasions) all to raise  money to support those affected by organ transplantation and to promote organ donation. John was actively involved in the campaign to  change the law regarding organ donation so that it became an "opt out" system in May 2020.


Although I have been running for the last 12 years this will be my first marathon having been inspired by years of watching both on TV and more recently as a spectator cheering on John and other friends.  I have been supported in my training by several friends who have kept me  going on my long training runs over the past few months.

Any money I raise will go towards rebuilding the charity's website and supporting individuals and their families on their transplant journey

Thank you for taking the time to read my page and considering making a donation,.


Gemma Carruthers
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