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In August, approximately one out of every four kindergarteners at Southgate Elementary will arrive empty handed or without all of the supplies they need. In a classroom of 22 students, that means at least five students will come without the tools needed to learn, which will put them behind on the very first day. That's five too many.
With our first initiative, Greater Is He in the Classroom, we are dedicated to turn that five into zero, one classroom at a time.

Greater Is He in the Classroom:

Every ministry starts with doing the next right thing. We believe our first and next right thing is helping children, parents, and teachers through Greater Is He in the Classroom by “adopting a classroom.” We are blessed to bless others, so we will be using our blessings to provide school supplies for each student and covering certain expenses for a classsroom to assist in certain areas of need (i.e., general classroom materials, field trip expenses, and eventually literacy/reading materials and health/nutrition information). At most economically disadvantaged schools, parents can’t afford to buy school supplies needed for the year, amongst other things. Therefore, the burden is often times pushed on the teacher to come out of pocket for their students. On average teachers spend at least $600-$1,000 a year for school supplies. When you look at how much money teachers make, it isn’t a lot so the money spent on their kids ends up putting a financial burden on them. It’s a domino effect. If we are able to stop some of the dominoes from falling by relieving the parents and teachers from certain financial burdens, we will literally be equipping our future leaders with resources for success.

School: Southgate Elementary
Grade: Kindergarten
Number of Students: 22

Itemized school supply list (per student): $2,560 total
1 pair of headphones
1 -  .5 inch white 3 ring binder
1 package of dividers with pockets
2 packages of pencils
1 pair of scissors
4 pink erasers
4 boxes of crayons
4 bottles of white Elmer's glue
2 glue sticks
2 wide rule composition notebooks
2 boxes of Kleenex
2 packs of 12x18 manila paper
2 packs of 12x18 assorted color construction paper
2 packages of Expo dry erase markers
1 box of gallon size zip baggies
1 box of quart size zip baggies
1 package of white copy paper
1 package of color card stock

Field trip expenses: $440 total
Field trips cost students/parents $10 per field trip.  With a class of 22 students and a minimum of two field trips per year, this brings field trip expenses to $440.

We are accepting any and all donations through August 1, 2017. Let's work together to equip students with the tools to succeed in school, and ultimately, in life! All the support received has a tangible, quantifiable impact and it might be the only thing standing between children falling in love with learning. 

Ways you can support (links are embedded in headings):
1. Greater Is He in the Classroom School Supply Registry :This list includes the majority of the items from the school supply list and the most needed items. If you order through this registry, these items will be sent directly to Greater Is He and our team will deliver the items to Southgate Elementary prior to the first day of school in August.
2. Financial Contributions : All financial donations will be used for the benefit of students/teachers participating in Greater Is He in the Classroom. Any donations received in excess of our goal will directly impact the lives of the students, parents, and teachers in this initiative and sponsor future initiatives for Greater Is He. 

To put the impact you are making into perspective, here are a few direct quotes from the Principal and Kindergarten Liaison of Southgate Elementary:

“With a population where almost 90% of our students fall into the category of economically disadvantaged, this program would greatly benefit the students, parents and teachers from trying to expense all of the demands and needs of supplies and resources.”
– Quinton Darden, Southgate Elementary Principal

“By providing these supplies, I believe that it will provide some financial stress relief for parents and improve self-esteem of the students because they will have all the materials to be successful.  The students are very aware of what they have and don’t have.  You can see through their facial expressions and body language a level of sadness/lack of confidence because they are missing what the child next to them has.  Student’s eyes light up whenever they are provided a brand new box of crayons during the year and their work improves at that time because they have new materials.” – Jimmie Hawkins, Southgate Elementary Kindergarten Liaison

“The impact of a program like this for a teacher would mean the relief of concerns: what to buy, when to buy it, how much to buy, how to reach a student and let them know it’s not their fault because they can’t be responsible for things like that at the age of 5.  I believe beginning the school year equipped with all the necessities provides a boost for everyone involved to begin the year a step ahead.  When every child has what they need at their fingertips you don’t have to stop in the middle of a lesson to find the needed material to continue class.” – Jimmie Hawkins, Southgate Elementary Kindergarten Liaison

Thank you so much for your support!

About Us:
Greater Is He (or GIH) is a faith-based service organization. The name originates from 1 John 4:4 “Greater is He who is within me, than he who is within the world.” The vision and overall mission is to ‘be the salt and light of the world honoring God through education, inspiration, and empowerment.’ The root of this vision is showing the love of God and showing that everyone has His amazing power within them. We just have to tap into it. We are of God (1 John 4:6), God is within us (1 John 4:16), and even though there will be trouble (Psalms 50:15), what’s within us has already overcome the world (John 16:33).

For more information regarding future initiatives, to stay up to date on current initiatives, or to reach out, please follow us on Instagram (@GreaterIs.He) or email us at [email redacted].
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