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Helping Betty

Betty is our Mom, Joan is her eldest daughter.  Mom has been living with Joan and her husband Fred since our father passed away in 2012.

Mom has lead an exemplary life showing love, patience, and kindness to people of all walks of life.  (Further on you can read a cool bullet point list showing some of the highlights of her beautiful life.)

Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease early this year.  Her symptoms began about two to three years ago, progressing slowly at first.   

About one year ago her symptoms escalated to a point where she needed an in-home caregiver because she could no longer stay at home alone while Joan and Fred continued working during the day.

Why Help Betty?

In her long life she:

--> Raised five strong-willed children (believe we, we needed lots of love and patience).

--> Was an Internet trailblazer as one of the first employees at Earthlink back when Internet connection was by telephone dial-up.  (By the way, she was in charge of setting up those connection bases with the phone companies.)

--> Learned to be a great shot with a long barrel Colt .22.

--> Cooked and baked what she used to call “just plain food”, but that we always found simply delicious and comforting.

--> Welcomed friends and family into her home any time of day or night with a smile, a hug, warm food and drink as well as good company.

--> Helped our father with his missionary work in the Virgin Islands.

--> Served our church as a highly trained and skilled spiritual counsellor for several years (back in the days when the pay was at times only 25 cents per hour).

--> Worked as a fine seamstress and sewed all of our clothes when we were children — even coats for my sister and I.

--> Served as a volunteer correspondent school teacher for inmates following a study program that taught values and morals, helping many inmates achieve rehabilitation so they could re-enter society successfully.

(And these are just the highlights of her valuable and beautiful life.)

Why Mom Needs this Help

We were blindsided by this turn of events in our mother's life.  Unfortunately, she didn't have enough savings set aside for the long-term assistance she needs, and though we (her children) are all pitching in to help in every way we can, we don't have enough to cover the expense of maintaining an in-home caregiver.

Joan is working with Medi-Cal to secure benefits Mom is entitled to that will help cover much of the cost of her caregiver, but it is a slower process than we had hoped and Mom's finances will run down to zero before Medi-Cal is secured.

We need to begin building a financial safety net for Mom now to augment her dwindling finances and build up some reserves to help with future caregiver wages.

Your helpful gift, no matter how small or large, would be very appreciated by Mom and will help this fine and loving lady stay safe and live at home where she is loved and cherished.

Many small gifts will add up very quickly to a strong safety net for Mom.   

100% of any money raised through this GoFundMe campaign will  be used toward hourly wages for Mom's skilled caregiver. 

After we secure the maximum Medi-Cal benefit she qualifies for, any remaining funds from the campaign will be used to pay the difference between what Medi-Cal pays ($11 per hour) and what is needed for the quality individual Mom needs by her side ($15 per hour) or for more hours than Medi-Cal will cover.

We have found fantastic dietary protocol that Mom is just beginning to follow which has been found to be highly beneficial to people diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  To follow this diet there are special foods that must be prepared and served throughout the day, but Mom is not able to follow recipes or cook for herself any longer.

Her in-home, skilled caregiver helps with preparing and serving these foods at the appropriate times. She accompanies Mom on walks around the neighborhood, assists her with personal errands, and keeps Mom involved in cognitive exercises and activities.

Other Ways to Help

Prayers and good wishes are welcome and very helpful.  If you can add Mom to a prayer list or prayer chain in your church, I know she would appreciate it very much as she often asks me to pray for her.
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