Got Consent? Campaign in the Clubs

Hello- Jessica aka Girl Wunder here.
For my birthday this year, I would like to put some more fuel to the fire for a little project I started earlier in May...which was bringing awareness to Consent Culture and Sexual Assault Prevention at festivals and at clubs/parties by handing out these pins that say "Got Consent?"
This is a budding project to start conversations with individuals about Consent and the beginnings for my larger hope to initiate programs such as Sexual Assault Prevention trainings and Safer Space Statements (inspired by Nowadays in NYC which is a process that is required prior to entry to any of their shows! that I would like to see one day at EVERY club, venue, festival, or gathering. As a DJ/artist who participates largely in the nightlife scene, I would like to use my growing platform to create change in our culture, starting at the clubs.
In 2018, the University of Las Vegas compiled numerous surveys around the prevalence of sexual assault and rape at festivals. According to a survey among respondents at music events, 62% received unsolicited comments about their body, 55% had been groped, and 3% reported sexual assault or rape. In a survey conducted in 2017 at U.S. music festivals, over half (55%) of individuals reported being groped. Considering that sexual assault is often under-reported, it is likely that many more instances or sexual assault have occurred during these events.
As a female identifying woman/woman of color, I have experienced sexual assault numerous times throughout my time at music events. In fact, in just the past 3 weeks prior to my writing this, I experienced being groped 2x at a club on 2 separate occasions, as well as uninvited comments about my body at basically every event. One of those experiences when I was groped, happened right after getting off stage from my own performance at that very club. A man came up from behind me and slid his hands under my jacket and began touching me while making lewd comments, then walked away. It happened so quickly I could hardly process what happened. When I returned home to share with an elder what had happened, the response was: "YOU need to be more careful, YOU need to make sure your friends are responsible for you, YOU need to get home earlier...."
But really, what needs to happen is that people need to stop sexually assaulting other people. And I say "people" because although there is a higher number of men assaulting women, sexual assault occurs among women as perpetrators (yes, I have been inappropriately and violently groped by women as well) and it happens among non-binary, non-heterosexual couples and situations....How bout, people need to just stop putting roofies in other people drinks. People need to keep their hands to themselves. And people need to ask for consent.
So that's where I want to start and that's why I'm doing this GoFundMe campaign.
In May of this year I funded my first small batch of 50 "Got Consent" pins. I gave out these pins at River of Souls Festival, Boulder Burn, and a few other music events between NM, CO, and NYC. Needless to say, I ran out of pins very quickly! Sometimes conversations started with people that were really fruitful. And many of the women I gave these to expressed that they felt empowered by the message. Now, for my birthday, I am asking for the support of my friends, fans, and supporters to help me purchase a batch of 5000 pins that I can hand out (for free), so I can have more conversations with people about Consent, and hopefully, prevent sexual assault from happening to other women, to other people.
It's a horrible experience to be sexually assaulted at a club when you are trying to enjoy yourself and feel free through music and dance. It can ruin your night. As a DJ, that last thing I want to hear is that someone was sexually assaulted during my show. Hell, the last thing I want to happen is to be sexually assaulted at my own damn show...I just hope more people can come forward about how often this actually happens at music events and I hope people can become aware of this issue.
So, time to change the tides everyone. I'm asking for some support for my campaign so I can buy these Got Consent pins, share it with others, and hopefully in the future, as I gain more influence and say at the clubs during my shows, to start important programs that can prevent sexual assault at music/nightlife events. Another idea I have is to handout small info packets about Consent Culture along with the pins. I also plan to expand my DJ website with information about my campaign and Sexual Assault Awareness resources as well as just becoming more vocal about this as I develop myself and my project. (Any additional support or ideas on this please message or comment!)

Any amount of monetary support is welcome for this particular project for purchasing pins at this time. Thank you so much. Let's make a better world and keep each other safe.

-Jessica aka Girl Wunder


Jessica Wu
Taos, NM

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