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Fall Campaign 2022

Greetings from Rosemary!

Please take a look at update #3 to hear about the original fundraiser. We are so thankful for everyone's support.

Now that the school's debts are paid off, a careful assessment has been made of the school’s future needs and we have updated our campaign goal.

These items are currently needed and listed in order of priority (with approximate conversions between CAD and GBP):
  • Food for further 3 months, to mid-December: $3362 CAD (£2,181)
  • Salaries for teachers/ staff up to the end of November: $4,170 (£2,706)
  • Seeds and labour for the new vegetable patches: $683 (£443)
  • Security, fire extinguishers and lightning conductors: $1523 (£988)
  • New bedding, bed covers & mosquito nets for 50 students: $6,002 (£3,848)

Total cost: $15,740 (£10,166)

The above items have been carefully costed and needs checked many times to create this list of our most urgent needs. Please consider donating – no matter what amount – through our Go Fund Me campaign.

We would be delighted to provide further details. Contact us and we would be happy to help.

Original Campaign - March 2022 - $6,500 CAD Goal

Rosemary Nakasiita is not your usual business student. She’s already the founder and head of Infinity Ideas Network, a successful NGO, and a passionate advocate for deaf youth. In addition, she is an ambassador to international students coming to stay and learn in her home community of Kitengeesa, in southeast Uganda.
At the start of March, Rosemary was asked to take over as head of the Good Samaritan School for the Deaf in Kitengeesa. The challenge is that the school has some outstanding debts to pay off in order to continue to run - these include teachers’ salaries and food for students and staff. Rosemary is forming a long-term plan to make the school self-sufficient.
Right now, the school needs your help to stay open and continue to provide care and education for its deaf children and teens. Once the school is out of danger of closing, the school plans to get properly accredited by the Ugandan Ministry of Education and hire an experienced school director to manage the day-to-day.
(Above: Meet Rosemary!)
Why is the school in danger of closing?
The school is struggling financially after closing down for nearly 2 years due to COVID. At the beginning of that time, fifteen of the 76 students had nowhere else to go and stayed at the school, adding to the costs. During lockdowns, the school was unable to make use of their farmland for food and income. Furthermore, the teachers have gone unpaid since the beginning of the pandemic.
Where is the money going?
The school urgently needs to pay off its debts:
  • A bank loan of UG 3,605,000 (including interest until the end of March)
  • Staff salaries of UG 7,767,540
  • Food bought on credit from local vendors of UG 6,978,240
  • TOTAL: 18,350,880 ($5,090 USD; approximately $6,500 CAD or £3,900 GBP)
Funding is also required to ensure sustainability. Any additional funds raised beyond our goal will provide the following over the next year:
  • Gardening tools, seeds, natural fertilizers, machine and labour hire for initial preparation of land for crop growing;
  • Additional food which can not be produced by the school at the moment;
  • Teachers and staff salaries;
  • Scholastic materials and other stationery;
  • Bedding and clothing for children without any of their own.
Friends of the school in the United Kingdom at have offered to match donations up to £500 GBP!
(Below: in class at GSSD!)
What will keep the school open for the long-term?
The school’s agriculture and piggery projects are already in place. Having gardening tools and other items at hand will enable the school to utilize the entirety of its land to grow and harvest more food. In addition, the surplus may be sold to earn extra income for the school.
We will lobby the Government’s Ministry of Education and Sports to provide financial support to the school after acquiring the Ministry’s license. Unfortunately, no government funds have been available during the last 4 years - access to these funds would make a massive difference for the school.
In addition, the school aims to establish a group of regular donors plus other fundraising options. If you wish to become a regular donor, please visit the school’s website.
Who is leading the project in the community?
Rosemary, with support from an Advisory Team, which will include the former Directors (including Mrs. Nsamba, of course!)
Who is involved internationally?
Mary: I’m a former participant in an international service-learning program that saw me spend the summer of 2016 with the Good Samaritan School. I helped raise money for the school’s sign language seminar through GoFundMe back in 2016 . I’ll receive the money and send it directly to Rosemary Nakasiita to pay back the school’s debts. I'll be personally covering banking and associated costs associated with transferring the money to the GSSD.

(Below: starting construction on the piggery in 2016)

Tony: The Good Samaritan School is supported now (and into the future) by St. John's URC Church (Somerset Road, New Barnet, EN5 1TB, United Kingdom). They have previously raised over £9000 to build state-of-the-art washroom facilities for students and staff of the school.

(Below: amazing new washroom facilities at GSSD after finishing construction)

History of the School
Founded by Mrs. Scovia Nsamba in 1996, the Good Samaritan School for the Deaf has become a place of education and loving care for over one hundred deaf students in southeast Uganda. Scovia’s interest in deaf education grew from her love of her granddaughter, Madrine, who was born deaf and was under Scovia’s care after her mother died. At the time, there were no resources available for Madrine to get an education. Believing in every child’s right to an education, Scovia made it her mission to get Madrine into school. She began educating her at home, soon taking in more deaf pupils and teaching in her living room. Thus, the Good Samaritan School for the Deaf was formed.
You can read the full story about the school on their website here.

(Below: Madrine skipping rope)
More Information / Contact Us
For further information on the school (including how to donate directly), don't hesitate to get in touch!

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