ASPIRE School for Poor and Orphaned Children

These beautiful orphans are at risk of losing their home…

ASPIRE Training and Education opened 10 years ago with a vision to change the lives of the poor, homeless, and orphaned children in Cambodia. So many parents in Cambodia cannot afford to take care of their children, let alone provide them an education, so with your help, ASPIRE aims to take in hundreds of children and provide them with a better future.

At one point, they were sponsoring food, shelter, and 24 hour supervision for 20 kids and providing free education to over 100. Since Covid hit, however, they have lost their sponsorships and can only afford to take care of the 20 children that live on the premises. They are running out of money quickly and may lose their property soon. 

I had the incredible privilege of working with ASPIRE school, and I experienced the most beautiful, compassionate, and caring culture. The children there are so special - they are warm, and kind and so full of light.
The owner and founder, Sean, is a true angel on this earth. I have never met someone filled with so much kindness, compassion, and selflessness. His story is incredible. He grew up in severe poverty, and his family made at most $5-10/day. As he got older, he did everything he could to put food on the table for him and his family. He worked 12-13 hour days and put himself through an English course at the age of 20. That allowed him to get a better job at an NGO, where he worked in return for food and accommodation. Because of his circumstances growing up, he developed a strong passion for helping children like him. He decided to open up an orphanage called ASPIRE.

He got his first donation from someone and slowly grew it bigger and bigger. He built the first one himself with bamboo. As he got more donations, he was able to level up until he finally bought this plot of land in 2008. He took in orphans and wanted to expand more. He realized that what gave him the opportunity was to learn English and he wanted to pass that skill to these poor and orphaned children to create jobs for them in the future. He decided to expand the orphanage into a school. Soon, he had 200 students in attendance. He had the great idea of using tourists for donations by using platforms like workaway. He had created a big family of children mixed with staff and volunteers. Then Covid hit and there were no more volunteers, which meant no more money. I was his first volunteer since the start of the pandemic and he is running out of money quickly. They are currently running off of credit and loans. Sean explained to me with tears in his eyes that he is now struggling to house, feed, and take care of the 20 children that live there, and he may lose the property soon. He could no longer afford to pay the teachers who were already on a small paycheck, so now his sister teaches them what she can. He had to sell his bus, which means that they cannot teach the children who live outside of the property. These kids deserve everything and more. They deserve a home. They deserve education and a future of opportunities. Even the smallest of donations can make a world of a difference to this organization. 
You can learn more on their website and donate at If you have the ability to donate anything, it will change the lives of these incredible children forever. Thank you for your kindness and compassion ❤️
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