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March 2020 I will depart from Choshi, Japan on a mission to row solo and unsupported 5,500 nautical miles across the North Pacific to the USA. 

19 attempts have been made to row this distance.

2 were successful.

Both men, both towed the last 20 and 50 miles respectively.

If I succeed, I will be the 1st person to row land-to-land and the 1st woman ever to row the North Pacific.

With your support, my journey will be a teaching tool for thousands of schools around the world. To this end, I have partnered with the international education resource company Twinkl , who provide educational materials for teachers to download free, online, worldwide. 

My boat has been rebuilt to withstand a typhoon. Artwork by Wes Archer, the original cartoonist who drew the Simpsons.
To fund the refit and completion of the project, I am selling: 

'Slices of History!'

My boat will be sliced into 60 x 3" ring frames or wall sculptures, after I row the Pacific. The Slices will be exhibited like the vertebrae of a dinosaur in the Natural History Museum, in a major art gallery.

When you buy a Slice, you will receive a 'Slice Certificate of Ownership /Willy-Wonka ticket' to the Slice Exhibition Party. If you buy the 12th Slice, you are the 12th person in line to choose your preferred size and slice! 

The Slices will go on to adorn the walls of homes, offices and schools and tell the story, not of how Lia Ditton made history, but of what the project came to represent:

Determination against all odds,
Resilience and
Dogged, unwavering perseverance. 


Note: if you are part of a 'Syndicate Slice' please say which Club/Syndicate or Slice #.



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Lia Ditton
Richmond, CA

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