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Short note for anyone new:

This household includes a 66 year old disabled woman with RA who hasn't had treatment covered in years(Donna), A legally blind man (me), and a 12 year old with special needs still recovering from abuse at a bad home(Rowan).  We also have cats.  We also take care of Rowan's 2 half-sibblings when needed while their grandfather is at work.  So don't really ahve the option of moving somewhere cheaper.

April 2017 update:
Jessie again.  The bank won.  We put it off with a lawyer, but with several things breaking, and other family expenses, (including uncovered rabid raccoon bite), we couldn't afford the extra money needed a month for a bankruptcy trust.   We also lost Rowan's medicaid coverage due to his mother and/or step-father screwing around with the insurance.  

We are too poor to have savings/credit, but too "rich" to qualify for help. 

 The house was sold to Bank of America for $1200. After the assesser came, he said the house wasn't worth it and tol all bidding this, but BoA just couldn't let it go unsold so bought it themselves.

Unless we get an extension, we are out very soon.  We have all been sick recently including being hospitalized for pnemonia and respritory infections so we've had no time to start packing.

if it were just me, Donna, and Rowan, we might have moved to GA where it's cheaper. We were really considering it at one point. However, Rowan's mother recently lost custody of his half-siblings as well. They are staying with their grandfater.  However, he can't watch them constantly like C&Y want. So they come here on off days from school and on some weekends when he wants time off.  They'll probably be with us a lot during the summer.  But since we will be losing the house that will be an issue.

We currently have no place to go.  We are trying to get an extension with legal aide to last until at least the end of May. We will be looking at nearby appartments so Rowan can be close to the friends he's made here.  

  To do that, we will need first, last, and deposits.  2 bedroom appartments here range from $1,100-1,500. If we get the extension, we should be able to handle most of it, but moving expenses will add up as well.

origianl post

My name is Jessie Cook.  I am writing this on behalf of myself, Donna Glazerman, and her grandson, Rowan Pogany.

On December 9, 2013, Alan Glazerman died.  That January Donna gave Bank of America (our mortgage company) both the death certificate and a copy of  Alan's will.  In the summer of 2014, Bank of America stopped accepting mortgage payments from her saying they had to come from the Estate of Alan Glazerman.

We tried to start up said estate with the Bucks County Registrar of Wills, but could not because Donna's copy of the will was just that, a copy,  and the RofW wanted the original. The lawyer that Alan had gone to decades ago had no such thing.

So she was told to start work on an Assumption, which she did.  Fast forward to early 2015,  and right as the Assumption is going through, the two of us had to move in with Donna's daughter Dawn,  her husband and three grandkids.  Neither one of them were allowed to be alone with their kids on orders from PA Children and Youth. (Drug use)

It was then that we got a notice saying we needed three more papers.  Since we couldn't live in our own house at the time,  we had no time to search.  Donna called PSERS, Alan's pension, to ask for the papers she needed from them.  She was told that she couldn't have the previous few years worth of pension statements because those years were in Alan's name and Alan would have to sign for them.

On top of that, they also wanted the original will.  At the time we couldn't find our copy either.  We called the local Bank of America branch to ask them to give us a copy since they had made one for their records.

We were told the woman who had worked with us that day back in January 2014 had left Bank of America, so they didn't have those files anymore.  This might not have worked anyway because the Assumption looked like it might only accept the original.

So, the assumption failed.

At this point we had had $5000 saved up to pay for the Assumption.  However,  due to the family issues,  that money went away quickly.

In March of 2015  there was a fire at Dawn's house.  So we had to change the arrangement.  No details, but at this point Donna took custody of Dawn's oldest child Rowan. Rowan is a great kid.  I love him, but he has special needs that were not being met in his old house.  

Donna and I spent the next few months taking Rowan from doctor to doctor to try to help him.  Until we got him on state insurance, this cost a lot of money.  Also,  many of Rowan's things had been pawned,  ebayed,b  or damaged by smoke, so we had to buy replacements. We also had to put work in turning Alan's old room into a room for Rowan.

We've also had to replace several things in the house and repairs for the car in the past year. Two of the bathrooms still have issues, the dishwasher is. broken, the central air/heat is having issues, and there's some leak near the downstairs bathroom we can't find that has the water bill going insane.

But we're not in any hurry to put more money into a house that we might not be in in a few months.

Look,  if it were just me, I'd might be okay with moving, but Rowan's life has been through enough upheaval in the past year.  He's really doing great now.  Making friends, finding things he's really interested in.  We just now got him into some good programs.  Moving would be horrible for him right now.

We also have several cats that we'd have to let go if we moved into an apartment.  On top of that, I would not be able to help Donna and Rowan pack up to move at the moment because of my own health issues.

Please watch the video for more information.


Donna Glazerman
Langhorne, PA

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