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Help with Funeral Cost for Glen

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I am trying to help Emily out with all that she is going through right now.  Glen, as you all know is in hospice right now and is not doing very well.  He is sleeping most of the time and is on strong meds to help with the pain.   Emily is working as much as she can, raising the 2 girls and running back and forth to hospice as much as she can.  Living paycheck to paycheck right now. 

I am trying to help her raise enough money to help with all the funeral costs so she nor the girls will have to worry on how to pay for this.  Glen is leaving behind a truly remarkable wife and 2 beautiful daughters who are still in school. 

As I write this, I am hoping and praying for Glen to make it through the holidays, but its not looking good.  I want to leave this open as long as we need to, to help out the family with the costs of his funeral and maybe a little extra to help Emily out so she can take the time off from work and be with her family and friends. 

As most of you know Emily is my best friend.  I hate seeing her go through this and i know she would be truly grateful for any and all help that can be given.  As would I.  I hate to see these 3 beautiful people go through this.  Its heartbreaking to me and to alot of you who are friends with Emily and the family.

I made this for Emily, but Emily will have full control over this fund.  Any questions you can ask Emily.

Thank you for all your support.  We, her extended family thank each and every one of you...


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Emily Turcotte Gadwah
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