Glen Millar Funeral& Daughters Fund

I have struggled for the past few days with trying to write this plea for help for Glen Millar and his beautiful, young daughter, Jessica Millar…

You see, Jessica Millar has lived just 7 years… but those 7 years have not been easy years.  They were not easy on Jessica and they were certainly not easy on her nearly 62 year old single dad Glen Millar.  There has been a great deal of struggle, there has been a great deal of heartbreak and there has been no shortage of challenges.  Far too many to enumerate here… but I will share some so that you can have a picture of what we are facing here.

Glen did all that he could do to provide for his young daughter.  He lived for that girl – he truly did.  Nothing was more important than his daughter Jessica.  Everything he did was for her.  He would go without eating to ensure that she had food.  He would go without purchasing new clothes, shoes, things for himself to ensure that Jessica had the things that she needed.  He did the very best that he could.

Sometimes… unfortunately, Glen experienced hardships… who doesn’t.  But Glen experienced an incredible amount of hardships.  He was a mobile disc jockey – an entertainer.  He had been a DJ since the 70’s… and he was a damned good DJ and entertainer… even at the age of 61.  He was still DJing… he had to.  At this juncture in his life this is what he knew and he had a young daughter to support – on his own.

And things were good… until two years ago when the economy in Alberta bottomed out and the recession hit.  I remember it well.  Bookings slowed down to a trickle as companies stopped having Christmas Parties and socials, brides and grooms were not booking because of the financial uncertainty and some shows that had booked and paid deposits started cancelling in the fall of 2015 in the wake of the financial crises.

Just prior to the bottom falling out, the home that Glen and Jessica lived in in the west end was sold and he was evicted when the new owners advised that they would be flipping the house.  He had to move.  He found a home – on the south side.  A home that he was so incredibly proud of, but was far too expensive for Glen.  The rent was $1,800 per month and he did not have a steady income to pay for it.  It didn’t matter.  He was happy… and this was his and Jessica’s home.  And he thought that he would be able to do it.

He didn’t have a choice he said.  He moved in and made the most of it and hoped and prayed that the economy would turn around and that things would get better.  The economy did not turn around… and he immediately fell into arrears on his rent.  There was not a single month, the entire time that he lived in that house, that the rent was paid on time.

Many of you do not know this, but the financial situation for Glen and Jessica was incredibly dire.  He did not share this with many people.  Over the course of the next year his power would be cut off several times, his gas would be cut off several times, his water would be limited, and at the time of his death, Glen was so far in arrears on his electric bill that five days before his heart attack, his power had been completely cut off.  I saw him on Sunday, May 28.  He was stressed, and you could see it in his face.  He did not know what he was going to do.  What food he had in his house was going to go bad as the fridge and stove had no power.  He could not cook.  He could not provide.  He could not get his hands on a generator, and he was afraid to borrow power from the neighbours, because the neighbours were friends with the owner and he was concerned that they would report that he had no power and he did not want them to know that.

The situation just continued to get more and more dire for him and Jessica.  He was having constant problems with his vehicle – and he needed that vehicle so that he could continue to eek out the living that he was – which wasn’t much of a living.  He also needed the vehicle to get his daughter to school.  She was still going to the school in the west end because he didn’t want to disrupt Jessica’s life any more than he had.  He didn’t want to take her friends away from her.  He was now living on the southside.  He did not have the gas to travel every day.  Jessica was missing more and more school because he did not have the money to get her to school.  

He sold an incredible amount of his DJ gear in the last six months just to make ends meet and pay some of the bills – he sold one of his Photobooths and accessories for less than half of what he had paid for it less than a year before.  This move allowed him a brief moment of breathing room… it was only brief.  Bills are monthly and they kept coming.  The functions were not booking in.  He kept saying… we just have to get to July.  Once we get to July everything will be better… July never came for Glen.

His manly pride always got in the way of asking for help.  He would say, “don’t worry about it, I’ll figure it out” He was stubborn that way… 

Unfortunately, there would be no figuring it out… he passed – undoubtedly as a result of the stress that he had put on himself.  His body gave out on him, and he has left behind an amazing young lady who needs our help.

Because Glen died with so much debt, and not a penny in his bank account, whatever property he owns has been locked up and will be sold off at auction to pay the debt that he owes.  It is very likely that he died without a will.  Once the debt is paid, any funds left over, if there are any, will be forwarded to his daughter Jessica.  There is not a lot of hope that there will be anything left.

Jessica’s long-time baby sitter was able to grab some items for Jessica, some clothing, some baby mementos, some pictures with her dad and then she was told she could take no more from the house.  The locks on the house were changed and the house was locked up.  No one is allowed to remove anything else from the house.  Jessica has very little at this point in time.  She has no toys.  They could not be grabbed fast enough.  We are looking to raise as much money as we possibly can for Jessica.

Jessica is currently being cared for by her amazing caregiver Ebony Lane.  Ebony and her husband Zac did not think for a second… they took Jessica, and Glen and Jessica’s two puppies under their wings and have temporary emergency custody of Jessica.  This woman and her husband are truly saints.  Amazingly kind-hearted individuals who, in a tragic moment, stepped up and made a difference in Jessica’s life, which had been turned upside down on Thursday, June 1, 2017.  They are a newly married family with a 1 year old baby girl.  Taking on a 7 year old would be daunting for anyone.  Jessica and Zac have taken on this challenge – knowing that it is the right thing to do… it is the only thing to do.

Glen DID NOT have life insurance.  He could not afford it.  He couldn’t afford electricity for his house.  There is not a drop of money in his bank account.  He WAS the working poor.  His cupboards were bare… he truly and literally didn’t have two nickels to rub together… and he doesn’t have any money to leave to his daughter so that she can have a go in this crazy world.

Jessica had her dad Glen, and Glen had his amazing daughter Jessica… they had each other… and now Jessica’s dad is gone.

Please help me help this young lady by raising as much money as we possibly can so that we can make a difference in her life.  Let us show her how much she and her dad Glen were loved.

Glen had many, many, many friends in so many areas of life… this is your chance people to stand up, and step up and make a difference that will count in a little 7 year old girl’s life.

Please help with whatever you can in our GoFundMe Fundraiser for Jessica Millar.  Every dollar will count.  Every $5.00 dollar, $10.00 dollar, or $20.00 dollar donation adds up.  It only takes 1000 people to give $10.00 dollars each and suddenly you have $10,000 dollars.

The details for Glen Millar’s Celebration of Life are as follows:

Location:     Woodvale Community Hall/Millwoods Golf Course

Address:     4540-50th Street NW A
                  Edmonton, Alberta

Date:          Sunday, July 2, 2017

Time:          5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

We are also raising money for Glen’s Celebration of Life.  For all the good that he did in this world, Glen deserves the most amazing send off as he sets out on his next journey.

Thank you all so much for your help.

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