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Prince: “With all he did for others, he died alone!”

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Prince died alone… After all he did for others, no one was there for him!

“A Royal Loss” (421 Movie) has been my commitment for over 4 years. It is a documentary dedicated to revealing the truth behind the death of Prince Rogers Nelson. And to clearing the tarnish of him being just another drug addicted rock star.

There are so many fact the media has never revealed. And so many blunders by the Carver County Sheriff’s Department from the very first moments on the crime scene. That they have potentially allowed the person responsible for Prince’s death to walk free.

Prince didn’t die because he took OxyContin pain pills. He died because someone close to him that he trusted, provided him “fake pills”, deadly fentanyl, disguised to look like OxyContin.

This rabbit hole goes deep, and there is so much more to this story. Including the mysterious death of Prince’s most vulnerable brother Alfred. Just hours after he allegedly signed away his share of Prince’s Estate.

We have raised $30,000 through GoFundMe; I have sold my house and borrowed from friends to help complete this documentary. That’s how much this means to me!

We’re just $37,000 away from what we need to complete this film. While we have some jaw dropping facts the mainstream media has never revealed to you; and many astonishing interviews with friends, family, band members, and others. We still need your support to finish the job.

This month of June while we celebrate Prince’s life. There is no rational reason why “we” the purple family, can’t make this happen. The information we disclose in this documentary, could well cause the Prince investigation to be reopened!

Please help me get this job done! This is one of the most historically important films I have ever made. But I can’t do it alone… we’re so close only $37,000 away. Help me cross the finish line!!! I have the experience as a movie producer, and proven track record to get the job done. But I won’t take major network funds, and compromise the integrity of this project… it’s to important for that!!!

You can support the film, by purchasing our “A Royal Loss” Tee Shirt, for only $35.00 plus $5.95 shipping (total $40.95). Be sure to list your name, address, and size & email. CashApp to: $LifeStudy

For Justice!

Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips

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