Give Cambodia Sight

Give Cambodia Sight—Through Khmer Sight Foundation!

 Each year 40,000 Cambodians are going without cataract and other necessary eye surgeries!  
 This year, over 120 ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals are scheduled to DONATE THEIR SERVICES to screen approximately 20,000 underserved Cambodians in need of eye care and perform approximately 10,000 cataract and pterygium surgeries for needy Cambodians. 
Khmer Sight Foundation has been performing these screening missions and surgeries for 2 years with an eye towards self-sustainable eye care and treatment in Cambodia by the year 2025. 
Khmer Sight Foundation is in desperate need for surgical supplies and equipment to perform these surgeries.  In general, the cost of supplies PER cataract surgery is $75. Here is a brief list of supplies, equipment, and services that your donation will allow Khmer Sight Foundation to Give Cambodia Sight! We are working with Deborah Walsh from the Hope International Outreach as our United States Liaison. She is on the Board of Directors of the Khmer Sight Foundation will be managing the withdrawals for this fundraiser.

* Screening equipment (e.g., Slit Lamps: $2000 per lamp, KSF needs 3)

* Surgical equipment (e.g., Surgery Theatre Trolleys: $200 per trolley, KSF needs 12)

* Surgical supplies (e.g., Sutures: $10 per patient, KSF plans to perform 10,000 this year)

* Lenses for use in cataract surgery

* Transportation for surgery candidates from the provinces to the city for surgery

In addition, your contributions will help support the work of our new facility in Phnom Penh, scheduled to be completed in early 2018.


For more information:
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Visit our website: Khmer Sight Foundation

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Cheryl Glorch
Eden Prairie, MN
Deborah Walsh

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