Ghost of Paul Revere Stolen Trailer & Gear FOUND!!

Hi, we are The Ghost of Paul Revere, a four-piece band based out of Portland, Maine.
Making music and touring is our livelihood. Unfortunately, on Feb. 24th, after driving over 2,000 miles to Denver, CO, to perform on our 1st night of the tour, our trailer was stolen from the back parking lot of our hotel in Aurora, Colorado.
The trailer was packed full with our gear, merchandise, drum set and more. Without these things, we are left without the tools to provide for ourselves and our families and do what makes us happiest in life, play music.
We are asking for your support - whether it's by contributing to our fund or simply by sharing our story.
We are beyond grateful for you taking the time to read this. Thank you for your support in any form!
The Ghost of Paul Revere




Denver Police located our trailer in an empty warehouse just outside of the city last week. It’s pretty banged up, but thankfully some (but not all) of our gear and merchandise was recovered.  Thanks to your generosity we were able to secure rental gear allowing us to continue on our tour with no cancellations, navigate logistical challenges and replace the stolen gear items (big thanks to Buckdancers’s Choice, The Drum Shop in Portland, ME, The Drum Center of Portsmouth, NH, and Fishman and Fender for your added support). We can’t thank everyone enough for the immense outpouring of love and generosity we were shown throughout this humbling experience.

Our GoFundMe campaign generated donations that exceeded our initial financial goal, for which there are no words to adequately express our gratitude. In an effort to pay that same kindness forward, we have made the decision to donate the remaining funds to the following charitable organizations, each chosen by a band member:

​​*Big thanks to Valentin who found and reported the stolen goods in the empty warehouse just outside of Denver to the Denver Police, and C3’s Adam Smith along with Richard who hustled over to the scene and spent the greater part of their night ensuring the safe return of the trailer along with what gear and merchandise was left to be recovered.

Max Davis:  Full Plates Full Potential |

I’ve felt lucky, even in trying times, for the life I’ve been able to lead with this band.  Our music -  or maybe the raw excitement in chasing our dream - seemed to open doors, experiences, conversations, and relationships that have shaped my understanding of this world in ways I could never imagine.  I cannot express how grateful and humbled I feel to have, somehow, become a part of a community so rich, and so full of unflinching support. 

To be completely straightforward, it was a challenge not to invest, or wallow, in the injury that we had been dealt last tour. The immediate outpouring of support however, made it impossible to dwell on the negative aspects of our situation, and for that I am forever grateful.

With your help we’ve been able to put the train back on its rails and replace all of the gear that was stolen.  Your overwhelming aid more than covered what we needed, giving us the amazing opportunity to now pay it forward.    

I am honored to be able to support the Maine based non-profit, Full Plates Full Potential, in their mission to end childhood food insecurity here in our home state.  Simply put, this foundation is working to make sure children don’t have to grow up hungry.  Since 2014, they have been trying to maximize access to USDA child nutrition programs, primarily in the form of school meals.  Though, the past few years have been challenging for everyone due to the impact of COVID-19 and subsequent shift to remote learning environments, which  made navigating this situation all the more difficult.  

Before the pandemic, 80,000 Maine kids relied on school meals daily.  Last year they worked to pass the “School Meals for All” law, ensuring that Maine students will be among the first in the nation to have equal access to school meals. I truly believe in the impact this foundation has and will make, but most of all, I believe that no child should ever have to struggle with hunger. 

Thank you for everything.



Griffin Sherry:  Backline |

For my charity, I have chosen Backline, an organization working to build a network of mental health and wellness professionals for touring musicians and their families. In recent years, As someone who has personally struggled with intense depression and anxiety, I can't express enough how my willingness to seek the help of  mental health and wellness resources, like those provided through Backline, has positively changed and likely saved my own life.

 This lifestyle can often be an astoundingly lonely one, even in a crowd. Still, there is often hesitation in our society to seek and accept the help of others when it comes to personal mental health and wellness. Backline offers educational and wellness resources, support groups and individual case management for musicians looking to build habits that will support a positive change and a path to overall well-being.


Griffin Sherry

Sean McCarthy: Taylor James Steeves Foundation |

The morning we realized our trailer had been stolen seemed to go on forever.  The logistics of the tour got exponentially more difficult with each passing hour and there was simply no hope of finding our box on wheels of a livelihood.  The option to turn around and head back East was always there as the easy out.  Needless to say, we decided to take things step by step, and do what we could do to make sure we didn’t let anyone down.  Onwards and upwards

In this spirit, I’ve decided to donate to the Taylor James Steeves Foundation.  The TJS Foundation was founded in 2018 in memory of a dear friend of the band’s who fought bravely against non-small cell lung cancer.  He took on each challenge life presented him with a sense of introspection, positivity and a refusal to be beat on something else’s terms.

The Taylor James Steeves Foundation looks to bring the same light and determination that Taylor brought to his own battle with cancer to other patients fighting this disease. Through fundraising events, like the annual Tay’s Summit Hiking Challenge, they work with organizations like New England Cancer Specialists and the American Cancer Society to find patients in the Maine and New England area and to provide services, experiences and support to people and families going through a non small cell lung cancer diagnosis.

Thanks for your support, 

Sean McCarthy

Chuck Gagne: Listen Up! Music | | Creative Trails

I’ve chosen to donate to a day program called Listen Up! Music, the music branch of a non profit organization called Creative Trails that I had the pleasure of working for from 2014-2016. 

This program supports adults with intellectual uniqueness through a variety of offerings, including leadership oriented music programs which aim to engage participants in meaningful ways, strengthen independence and promote a musical community based on creativity, excitement, joy and inclusiveness. 

During my time at Listen Up! I was inspired and uplifted by the community of people around me on a daily basis.  Their unrelenting enthusiasm, boundless talent, and willingness to challenge themselves and step outside of their comfort zone - whether it was through writing new music, trying a new instrument or performing in front of a crowd on stage at One Longfellow Square and The Eastland Park - it was always a pleasure and an inspiration to witness and be a part of. 

Listen Up! is spearheaded by Eric Schwan, whom I greatly admire for positively impacting the lives of musicians of all technical abilities and skills through his program. As a thanks for having inspired me to be a better musician and a better person, I have chosen to pay it forward to the Listen Up! Music program, to continue to support all of the participants in their musical journeys. 

Thank you for making a difference, 

Chuck Gagne

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