Can we please extend Vania's life?

Dear life, 

Can we please extend Vania’s life?

After the first round of chemo since the cancer had returned Vania had to be admitted to the hospital due to excruciating stomach pain along with extreme fatigue and loss of her voice.  

The doctors were suspecting that during the drainage of the abdominal fluid ( before the chemo  Vania had to do that) there maybe a perforated abdomen. Then the doctors said there maybe also blood clots in the lungs, (Vania had a port installed for the chemo).C-Scan and bunch of other tests were done. 

The good news came in , there are no blood clots in the lungs and there is NO perforated abdomen. The abdominal pain is still here with Vania been given Morphine and OxyCodone, both she did not tolerate well.

During her stay at the hospital Vania fainted walking to the bathroom and now her front teeth hurts, she is also bruised on the face. 

I talk with Vania daily, our mornings starts with " Good Morning Beautiful Vanushka" ,but as the day progresses the reality kicks in and we have to have some very very uncomfortable talk, such as, "did they give you an estimated time of life expectancy",? " where should we call for ovarian cancer clinical trials"?,  " are doctors confident this chemo will kill the cancer,”?, “ will the cancer return after that”? , “has the cancer spread"...........etc.

Our conversations are everything about extending Vania's life. She wants to be HERE ! 

At times i just want to curl up in a ball and cry because there is nothing I can do, but then I look at the bigger picture and i see Vania here with me, so I get my shit together and start writing posts like this one. I have talked to ovarian cancer survivors , talked to cancer researchers who are giving us some options to look at immunotherapy such as CAR-T ( Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell). This is modification of T cells which can recognize the cancerous cells and kills them. Method proven at limphoma,not ovarian cancer, but we can try. All of the above I have learned through people and research, and to tell you the truth I don't know what any of this crap means i just know that there is a long road ahead and i need to raise money so my Vanushka life can be extended. 

I have raised the goal to $30,000, because it's that serious!!!!

Vania 's life is at risk and she will have to do immunotherapy which is not covered by her insurance , doctors have confirmed that!

Without a shame i'm standing here in front of you , friends of Vania's, my friends, lovers and haters , would you please help me help Vania.  Would you please give someone else the little gift of " I care".

Whatever you can help with please add to this donation campaign.

We are in this together, no one is insured against Cancer, You can get it , I can get it and many people have it and many will get it.  

Many are already gone!

Can we please extend Vania's life? 

Thank you so much ,

I don't know what else to say but gratitude that I had the guts to put this out!!!!!

Just for my Vanushka,


Desislava Tsvetanova

Cancer is HERE, so now what?

The "Unknown phase " on my last post has come to 86% cancer returns in the first two years a FACT!!!! 

Vania just discovered through her CA -125, which is over 11,000 (cancer marks for ovarian cancer ) that cancer maybe here again.  Gosh, it has been only few months since Vania did her chemo. She was clear but not for very long. 

After CT Scan on August 22nd , 2019 the doctors confirmed that the cancer is back in her stomach , small bowel and parts on the way to the colon.  

Vania was not given another option but Chemotherapy. This time the medications are Doxil in combination with Avastin and the side effects are well known for life threatening at times. I have been on a roller coaster with my emotions once I got the news, not because i'm sad but because I want another option for Vania's care. However i'm not here to change the world of Chemo, i'm not here to cry, i'm here to be realistic about the medical costs and I'm here to do whatever it takes to make it easier on my friend who told me a few days ago, 

" Dessi i want to live!”

My response response!

My friend is begging for life !

I'm begging for her life, but hope and mental support is not enough when you know you owe dollar bills. Although Vania has insurance, she still has additional medical costs that need to be paid. 

Friends of Vania's , Friends of mine, some of you strangers, and lovers of life please help me help Vania. It’s ok if you help someone you don't know. 

Vania has now port on her chest for the chemo infusions, water from her belly was drained yesterday and she is to start the Chemo today. Let's hope Vania's heart and kidneys stay strong to let this process be completed. 

I asked the very first time $15,000 donations as a goal, of which over $7,000 were donated. I will be grateful if i make my goal, and if we gather more i will be the happiest friend on earth. 

I have always believed in people and loved people because people are unique in their own way and I know we can do this as ONE, Complete and Strong Community

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and i'm sure Vania will cry when she sees this. 

So here we go..I'm the first to donate....

Love you Vanushka.....

My info is 

Desislava Tsvetanova
Email: [email redacted]
Facebook : Dessi T Desislav
Insta: Dessi T Desislav
Phone : [phone redacted] , I live in California

Any questions please sent me an email or call me,


My last post few months ago, ( 2018)

Hello beautiful world,
It is extremely hard for me to write this letter,  but i have no other options. Vania Staykova is a Bulgarian lady,  who came to the U. S many years ago as a single mom. As many of us she struggled a great deal, but she never forgot how to help others, love and bring light with her beautiful smile. I came across Vania Staykova in 2006 in Portland , OR and we became Best Friend Forever. Vania is a hair stylist with many customers that absolutely adore her . She moved to Arizona few years ago so she can be close to her grandchildren. Vania had big dreams up until the day......
May 1st, 2018 after few doctor's appointments  Vania was diagnosed with Ovarian Metastatic Cancer, stage 3C. Her oncologist surgeon told her if she does not do the surgery she has 6 months to live and if she does not do the chemo after that she has only 4 months to live. Vania was hospitalized and the surgery was performed on May 11th. During the surgery the doctors discovered that the cancer had spread all the way to the lungs. Vania started the chemo on June 26th and it will continue  till November 26th. Vania is going through some very challenging times and the medical bills are pilling up. Medical treatments are extremely high in cost and impossible to pay.  At this moment in time i'm begging you ALL for some help.  I believe cancer can get anyone of us. Lets be strong together and lets show Vania that she is loved and she is not alone. Lets help Vania !!!.
T Cells Therapy along with Immunotherapy are needed along her treatments. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are willing to participate and be part of Vania's journey.  
Vania , we love you!!! 
Cancer has affected some of my friends in the past , some are still with us and some are not, lets make a move and lets show support and love. 

Desislava Tsvetanova
[email redacted]

Organizer and beneficiary

Dessi T Desislav
Carlsbad, CA
Vania Staykova

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