Getting Treated for V-Injury thanks to P

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UPDATE - June 2022. 

This GoFundMe remains open in order to help Georgia pay for continued treatment as a direct result of V injury. 

This page will help continue to pay for lymphatic drainage, additional Goldic treatment, supplements, HBOT, IV Infusions and neuro physio therapy. 

Georgia has a autoimmune condition as a result of the V and all these things as well as continued support and care from a professor in Germany. 


On the 29th June 2021 Georgia had her second PZ Jab. From then, she didn't quite realise what was in store, for her and her family.

The first jab, she just had a headache and severe tiredness. Nothing out of the ordinary. She also had a large amount of hesitancy around the jab, but went through with it as believed ultimately it was the best thing to do following a large amount of peer pressure and media travel.

With immediate side effects after the second, she started suffering headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness and daily fainting episodes. Literally fainting at the drop of a hat, leaving her boyfriend to scoop her up.


Fast forward approximately 10 days later and the tremors started, fully body tremors. She then slowly declined losing the ability to walk properly. You can see from her videos and story fully on instagram: georgiaroses - original account was disabled on the 5th September 2021 by Instagram for inauthentic content!!


On Wednesday 14th July 2021 she was admitted to hospital, a week later still there and still awaiting on numerous results. Georgia was finally discharged after 10 days. 


Following numerous tests, MRI's, CT, Lumbar Punctures and blood tests... they all came back CLEAR. This is common in all of these cases. They are NOT rare.  
The frustration she has is through the roof, along with the stress her family and friends are going through. They all just want to know 100% what is going on. 


Georgia wanted to try and raise a small amount of awareness amongst my friends and family to ensure they make informed choices about these medical trials - for those that do not know, these jabs are in medical trial until 2023.

She wanted people to feel they can make a CHOICE without feeling pressured by the government, friends, family and media.

You can see more articles & sources on adverse reactions too. Just to be well informed. 


From 'trying' to raise  awareness to going global - overwhelmed is somewhat of an understatement for her and on her behalf she cannot thank everyone enough.


In doing this, we have come across so many other people with these side effects. Identical in fact.


There is one man coming out on top for treatment, Dr Mark Ghalili . Dr Mark is based in LA and I am trying to raise the funds for her to get to him by the 15th August for treatment. Unfortunately, we can no longer do this. Given medical the state she is in, it has been advised for her not travel 12 hours, plus deal with Jet lag. In the event of anything going wrong, insurance wouldn’t repatriate. 


Her intention to need to raise money was never on the agenda. Ever. It was never ever her intention to end up in hospital either and lose the ability to walk and function to full capacity.


But she feels desperate and her family want to do what they can.

As an a active 34 year old that loves nothing more than being out with her dogs, around the horses and generally running around like a headless chicken we just want to get her better.


The love and support she has received she and her family are genuinely eternally grateful for and any continued help you give to get her all the treatment she needs would be incredible.


Again, thank you on behalf of the family.  They cannot thank you all enough.



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Georgia Segal 
London, UK