Getting Naomi A new Start

Naomi has been abused for many years and has been taking steps to get out on her own. Every time she gets set up to do something to better her situation a family member manipulates her into staying with "her family because it is what is best for her". WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

Naomi is blind and still very young despite her age of 23. Her family turned a blind eye to the obvious signs and not only allowed her to be mistreated but encouraged her to stay in the home where it continued to happen. They put her on Zoloft for depression... I wonder why she was depressed?! Let's get right into it some of the reasons:

Naomi was finally allowed some freedom, and a great lady gave her a job and decided to stand in her corner, willing to stick up for Naomi where everyone else had failed. A welfare check was called on Tues 9-20. Police and animal control were called in. Naomi's house had 30 cats, not kittens, but CATS. These cats were also not taken care of and were only removed after animal services left. The smell was so bad, and Naomi would smell so potent that no one that's been within 10' of her could say they couldn't tell there was a problem. I'm sure just from that; you can imagine how bad this house smelled. You could smell it outside the door if you could get close enough with the 5' high grass.

Apparently, you have to open the door for the welfare check. They did not answer the door on the first or second attempt. Two days later, Naomi was sexually assaulted by her stepfather. Naomi finally had the start of a real support system and broke down and told us that this has been happening since early 2018!

As if this wasn't bad enough, she has been forced to give her mother access to her bank accounts, and if she didn't, her mother would get her info anyways. We found this out and tried to get her on her own account. Her mother wouldn't remove her from the custodial acct from when she was younger. Her family stepped in and convinced her not to, and she created a joint account with her great-grandmother. Her mother still got her info and extorted her for money, used her card when needed for gas, and made Naomi pay bills under duress.

And to top it all off, while living in all that filth, while she was being raped, robbed and mistreated, she was having to pay $400 a month in rent while being on a fixed SSI income.

The police are involved, and we will make sure justice is served. Naomi's entire wardrobe and most of her possessions had to be thrown out due to the smell, not to mention the condition of everything. She was also taken out of the situation so quickly she was not able to get her brailer and various electronic devices that help her with accessability.

We hope to raise enough to allow Naomi to begin a new and help bring those that took advantage of her to justice; any amount helps! Let's show this beautiful soul what can be done when someone is fighting for her!


Kevin OToole
Virginia Beach, VA

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