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Hello! My name is Jimmy and I am starting a mechanic shop in the Denver, CO area. This shop will be much more than a full service shop though. We will be offering the ability for you to perform work on your own vehicle using our top notch tools. That's right! You will be able to drive in with your vehicle and the parts you need replaced; we will provide the lift, standard, and specialty tools to get the job done right. Pricing for the DIY services will be substaintially lower than the average shop rate, giving you the ability to keep that older vehicle running without costing you a fortune. 

Let me back up a few years and explain how/why this idea came to me. I have always been drawn to mechcanical and electrical systems. Taking things apart was fun for me and the satisfaction of putting it back together succesfully was even better. So fast forward a bit to my first move away from home living on  the campus of Purdue University studying Mechanical Engineering. With no garage and minimal tools, I had to find creative ways to keep a 20 year old vehicle  moving. After college came several apartments and several relocations for the corporate life. It was difficult, but I refused to take my vehicles to a shop when I was fully capable of maintaining them myself. Luckily, on one of my relocations I was able to get a house with a single car garage. I used that year to swap the engine in my old 78' Ford F250 handed down to me by my dad. It was a great year, but followed by 5 more years of relocations with no garage. 

The idea came to me about 4 years ago when I started to notice that DIY was a regular term in most peoples' vocabularies. I thought, why not give people the ability to DIY on their vehicles? Considering YouTube has almost every common repair imaginable, it really comes down to a couple questions: Can you follow directions and do you have the resources (tools) to perform the job properly? I believe that most people can learn how to perform common maintenance services on their own vehicle. It is actually a passion of mine to give people the ability to work on their own vehicles. 

At Geno's YOUR GARAGE you can give DIY repair a shot and have a safety cushion of expert mechanics to help if trouble should arise. We see a need for three types of service: Full, Assisted, and Self Service. Each will be at different price points to be determined. The goal being to provide you with an environment that enables your success. 

This GoFundMe has been created to help fund the startup costs involved with opening the shop. We have a good portion of the startup costs in savings, but until the doors open I plan to help friends, family, and friends of friends keep their cars running, for just the price of parts. If you happen to be a person that allowed me to help you then you most likely found this page via my business card. Many of you have tried to offer me money for my labor, but I won't charge for that until I open the shop. However, if you want to contribute to my startup, this is a forum for you to do so. Donations in any amount are very much appreciated!

Hopefully in the near future I can help you learn more about your vehicle and save you money in the long run. Even if you are more interested in full service, you will benefit from having a honest mechanic shop to take your vehicle to.


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