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Gas Monitor Project

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The Project - Detecting Combustible Gases
The goal of this project is to better understand any fluctuations in air pollutants produced from fossil fuel operations, such as refineries, drilling, and gas storage facilities. This project is for people living close to such operations who would like to know if any toxic gases are being leaked.

The Concept
Using the MQ type sensors and Raspberry Pi miniature computers we were able to build an affordable gas detector that is sensitive to a wide verity of combustible gases and other toxic air pollutants.

The Pilot
I would like to begin this project by deploying a mesh-network of gas sensors in and around the Play Del Rey community in Los Angeles. 

The Funds
The donated funds will go towards finalizing the design and software as well as build the devices and paying for the web services.

Prototype 1
The first prototype used 3 sensors connected with a breadboard to the computer.

Prototype 2
For the second generation we replaced the breadboard with a small PCB for a more permanent assembly of components.

The Bird House
Needed an enclosure to house the sensors and the electronics, we decided to build them into a small bird house. The bird house can be hung in a backyard or on a balcony and even serve as decorative adornment.

First Deployment
The first device is up and running in my backyard.

It's solar powered.


Diego Wuethrich
Los Angeles, CA

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