Gary need help to prevent evection from home!

Hello, my name is Gary Adkins and I'm on the verge of being evicted from my apartment. I have lived here for 17 years however in the past two years I have gone through two major surgeries which resulted in large medical debt and a great loss of income.
In September 2020 I ruptured three of the major tendons and muscles in the right leg above the knee, that put me out of work for the remainder of the year and leaving me with $6000 in debt.
In August of 2021 I broke my left foot and ankle resulting in major surgery, over $203,000.00 and a lot of metal parts being installed along with bone transplants and stem cell/bone marrow transplants. At this time I'm still learning how to walk again and I have been in Physical Therapy for the past four weeks. I will not be able to return to work for at least three more months or longer.
Since none of my injuries were the result of Covid I do not qualify for any form of assistance. I have been turned down by City, State and Federal agencies as well as private sector organizations such as United Way and the Salivation Army , St Patricks Center, Catholic Charites and many more. None of my creditors will defer any of my payments thus overdrafts on my checking account take even more money that I can not afford and the bank will not refund. It is a spiraling down circle that I can not get out of.
I have completely bankrupted my self, emptied my savings, used up the cash reserve I had, the bank will not help me, I've been turned down for personal loans with lenders whom I currently use or have in the past.
I do get Short Term disability payments, they are $200 a week less than my normal take home and $800 less per month, that equals my rent and 1/2 my truck payment.
The money I'm seeking will bring the rent current for 2021 and the first two months of 2022 or until I get back to work as well as my personal property taxes which went up $70 this year from $380 to $450.
My landlord has indicated that I must be caught up by the end of December 2021 or face evection. I have reached my end, I have no other option than to ask others for there kindness and help. I have done all that I can at this time, I have no place to go if I have to leave here. I have no way of making the money needed to secure my home.
I'm not sure as to what words I can use to explain how much it will mean to me for your kindness and welfare. I will be holding to all who can find it in there heart to help me stay in my home.

Love is Love, not fade away!
Thank you


Gary Adkins
St Louis, MO

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