GamerGate recovery help

I am Rev. Andrea MM Blackwell
Blackwellian Suffragette.
Please help me recover from several years of gaslighting abuse and slander/delays to my work since the birth of PONG!
Class of '83 figured we'd be allergic to gravity by now, and aren't we tho?

Time on 3D Grids, over 15 Yrs building the specs and PROTOCOLS for "One Big Soup".
I'm still praying for that miracle so I can join the global 
"nice-a-thon" going on.  Hey, I did my homework...and everybody else's it seems.
I hope to find a sponsor.
Or a book deal, so I can get on with the Autobiography of Nobody N. Particular written.
It's an American HERstory.
They could start pulling out some demarcs and middlemen...  

I didn't think it was that compicated, as computer fields go, UNIX Networking / cloud technologies is more compicated to explain, but the rules are based on the Three Laws of Robotics,
We are NOT Orwellians

Classical pianist up to Joplin - hands gone tho
2nd generation systems analyst
Thinktank builder
Art Therapy enthusiast for chronic pain and stress disorders
3D web designer/machinimatographer
African American Network cloud geek
Abnormal Psychology hobbiest
Victorian GOTH
geek of telecommunications, SONAR to V-Sat, and Nav-Com (yep, I can triangulate mah position)

but it was a strange shock to see this younger picture of Elizabeth.  I didn't connect it to a Blackwell until Oregon's zombie apoc/gov't shutdown tantrum.
Chronic pain is my challenge.
Philosophy/Faith -  
Marian Jesuit, Roman Catholic/Reiki Master (Taoist)
Pass on the convent thanks. 
Piety is not my thing.
BS in Telecom Mgt

 Mom was Dad's class president through out high school.   Her older brother was president ahead of her all the way through.
My folks graduated top of their class, from Lincoln High School in 1949.
Kansas City, MO.
In the
Hidden Figures  era, my mother, Armenta Marie, was a 3rd grade teacher in Anacostia. (South East Washington DC)  She needed a Master's degree to teach in Bowie, MD where we lived because it was 
(Deep Booming God voice)
Prince George's County, Maryland (Mary'sland)

Most everything was about the space race and fighting communism back then.  The science book she taught from was a hoot...but she was gone before we'd landed on the moon.
  She passed in 1969, at George Washington University where I was born and Daddy earned his Master's in Political Science about 1954-6?
That was on top of his Bachelor's in Computer Science, I yes, I TALK ABOUT IT,

On the intellectual property rant, 
as if it didn't take decades to research my oen history, I gotta get boolean burgled by EA Games?
fake news fake Blackwell genealogy ! ?

Sacred Heart is the same franchise that raised Lady Ga-Ga...
and don't tell me any Mary with a boy like Jesus would talk hard at,  or around Joseph until he stopped doing the thing..  
he did better than his little moron friends.

People probably thought our mom was Italian.  My older siblings look like her.    I look like Dad. 

It's a shock to finally have so many others confirm this toxic work environment isn't one's imagination.

Oddly, Elizabeth and I share far too many of the same roadblocks and frustrations.  
The greatest block is getting funding such a versatile project as One Big Soup.

One Big Soup virtual neighborhood

ibabble divergent
Currently, I'm still beyond exhausted from grief, sleep deprivation and struggling with this damaged equipment.
The room I rented stole much of it and refused to let me sleep!  My family house was sold after a horrible day of interruptions and injury by the new tenant who stole my iPad.  And there were NO WOMEN LIVING there per the Craigslist ad.

Then the VA services put me in transitional housing with all guys and when a woman came, she ripped me off as well.  Glasses, broke my IMac and because of men and porn, we had no internet the whole time.  They had a phone, we didn't.

When I returned to the grids, what was going on?  Violations by non-profiteers on our own Arcadian Asylum builds!  The CONTENT CREATORS decide what is free and what is NOT.
When I talk to people and share my stories,
that mostly state the obvious,
people ask
"Wow, who ARE you anyway?"
Depending on the "player"
I could rattle off the Toast-Masters heraldry,
but end up stammering the truth.
"I'm Nobody N. Particular from the East Coast"

and for some reason, it really pisses people off.
People DEMAND I write these stories and connect the dots.
This is NOT the Kobayashi Maru.
I'm a systems analyst and just like Daddy, I don't know how to get funded for my own intellectual property.
(while being plagerized to cliche' status)

for instance...
#GamerGate players would think this is funny.

Being well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society never worked out and the physical condition is now "chronic".
However,  medical professionals and I agree...  
something's gotta give...
Some work hard to know things...
Some work hard not to. (not always in a good way)
STEM family..  show your work, Prove ME Wrong

As a Gridhopper, my work is spread all over the cloud, but this is the Mission Statement for my genealogy research and digital modeling.  

“We (Arcadia Asylum Builders)  know how to help bring about cultural understanding using 3d web technology. Through multicultural education we can bring balance in the virtual world by restoring cultural respect and honoring each others place in it. Just as in nature, the removal of one seemingly insignificant element in nature and adversely effect or affect an entire ecosystem. Balance restores harmony in ecology, economics, political power, spirituality and the list goes on. As it is experienced virtually, it carries out to the physical world.

We acknowledge this truth and realize that every culture has something to offer as ingredients of One Big Soup we call “the world”. OBS is building a diversity network/explorers game, celebrating these cultures through the many interactive means available such as music, art, architecture, cuisine, fashion, legends, history and language. We are EVERYWHERE.”

Come now, you don't think nerds and geeks build networks without our own content creations in mind?
I like building galleries
And yes, there's always a good troll in the dungeon...putting things like cams on phones for the greater good.  
oops,  A never-ending break-fix, cycle funding itself really isn't the Creative outlet we were looking for?

I've been left behind many projects I've managed over the past 10 years and prior to that in tech support, but it's my nature to answer questions when i know the answers, especially when it's common knowledge.

My weird pattern of thinking and writing comes from occupational hazards common to tech support professionals.  Creative writing is the best way to combat technical writing abuse.  
The result is "Divergent Thinking"
and this is NOT a glitch, it's a FEATURE.  
Meds are not the answer for women who talk and think like men in the same field.
**News Flash:  MANY Women of COLOR know this language as well.

My favorite people on the grids, are also over themselves and laugh with us.
If hating ourselves is the price we must pay to keep the company of another, 
I'll be fine with this1-year-old emotional support tabby named "Leonard", who will be the next subject for my next photo-journal.
(No kidding, he was named that in the shelter!)
"Prince Leonard de Zazzles" the first
is currently my BFF.

It was another year without my daughter, so....


This awareness is something I also teach for learning HOW to learn, not simply what to know in order to earn one's place in the social food chain.  I have much work on myself to do before this can happen,

On the mundane...
I last taught basic electronics to adults in Chicago.
and the black boxes on P-3 Orion aircraft weight up to 150 pounds.
Back in the day,  I used to bench that much for fun, but not in order to be 'one of the guys'.

Thanks to the business stylings of people who should never EVER do things, 
I've suffered quite a loss, while accumulating stories I need to organize and prepare my content for publishing.
The mental acrobatics flipping back and forth in historical research and 3D to 2D websites strains the eyes and brain more than it should.  

$250 I could have used on a George Clinton kickstarter instead of the one that never delivered.
$250 from the last storage place I used after they'd "lost" postal orders in the mail.
Years of storage costs and consumer fraud cuz
"that's just how they do around here" when families like mine decide to eat their young as if I layed myself off from that dead end tech job which turned out to be a 4-yr permanent contract.
after several Y2K contracts to nowhere.
Thanks corporate plantation.

The following gear associated with the virtual world discussion group has been maliciously damaged, rendered useless.  On top of that, I'm running on DSL!
This 30-something generation has a helluva nerve attacking me tho.  
The mixed media gear I'd been using
for a studio ...but nothing is up to date now.
All of my gear is about 10 years behind keeping up witih my peers, but we've opensourced quite a bit .  
However, I was not up to being conned into paying out some jerk's reverse mortgage, give up GOD or justify slavery because a chatroom troll decided he was gonna try a black chick!
Go figure he's trolling FB for a Christmas party now that he thinks he's still NOT a fascist LOSER!
(the butthurt you know)
There's no use putting up borders we've already crossed. 
1 - Macbook pro laptop
1- iPad 3
1- Samsung Galaxy notebook
2 - Wacom tablets
1 - Yamaha S90 piano
1- Lenovo W700 ds that never worked right and never lived up to the Alienware hype.  The seller never gave the stylus he promised.
$2000 moving fee overages
1- Obama University hoody
1- Yamaha SX Eleven motorcycle
Kitchen utensils and appliances
Normal operating costs...electric bills, repairs to damaged equipment.
Update cell phone
The Windows 10 'update' disabled my work for months.

For years the VA has wasted my life selling the wrong meds when my problem has been low Vitamin D, iron iron, all along.
and no, I'd rather not be addicted to Oxy, tyvm.

Thanks to mismanagement of the family affairs while I was in the military, in college or recovering from layoffs or being diagnosed....the executor of the estate THREW AWAY or liquidated the following properties.

3 homes and farmland in Kansas left by Mother and  Maternal Grandmother
1 Victorian home in Kansas City, MO
1 Home New Bern, NC
sold while bullies were stealing my personal items and mail from the VA!  I'd been invited to live there and un-invited shortly afterwards.  They sold the house to whomever was renting it!

And then turn around bragging how much they donated for charities like AmVets, DAV, VFW, ...  while laughing at me on the social networks.  
The wannabe's are running over the used-to-haves
There is actually enough work in the field to gainfully employ the working class from HOME for adults who don't need micro-management by narcissistic job hoarders.

My letters from contracts to nowhere came from clients and co-workers during my career.
(I was told to have the car checked by police after a raging loony attack (narcissist/meth addict) threatened to kill me and destroy it when I was injured).  How was I to know about that witchhunt in Oregon was mixing me up in a prostitution scandal?  sheesh
They called people like that, "Just a bully"!
How about just a DOMESTIC TERRORIST!
The project domain called "Xanadu" was inspired by Paisley Park and I've been building the studio site for over 20 years after being born on a Purple Rain concert stage that set my benchmark nice and high where it belongs.

This year, Prince noticed it about the time he made his fans "official family".
This is called "Showing one's work".

Sadly we lost Prince on April 21st while I was singing Daddy's eulogy HMS Pinafore.  
I'd forgotten how powerful this production was, and how much he loved it. 
But as the youngest, somehow it fell to ME to make up for where they screwed up!

Daddy graduated Lincoln High, 1949.
and married his Class President when he returned from Navy Corpsman school.
He was just seeing my work before he passed away in 2010.

Before Dad passed, I promised to continue his work fighting prostate cancer.  He was actually surprised with my progress against the obstacles and interferences.

Please help catch me up so I can finally get a 3D Printer and VR Goggles for the next phase of One Big Soup and it's digital homestead.  This was the main focus for many in the field...since the 90s.   

The rest is "complicated"

Thanks for your time.  Perhaps these social experiments will render some real world results....for some talented content creators and their  mentors
As it is, we've lost a great deal on our investments.
Love and Light,
Muze Ackland


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Andrea M M Blackwell 
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