Saving Charlie

Please note that not all details of this case may be posted publicly. We are trying our best to give you the full details as best as we can.

On Tuesday September 11th by one of our partner vet clinics we were alerted to a 7-8 month old puppy that had “eaten a corn cob somewhere around 3 days ago”.  X-Rays were completed and there was definitely something lodged inside the puppy (who we now know is Charlie).

The owners had taken him into this vet, but could not afford any surgeries. This vet would have called in a surgeon to help them. The owners mentioned how they had his parents and “cut his umbilical cord”. Bringing dogs into this world but without the means to care for them.

A payment plan was offered by the vet for the surgery and they were not able to pay for that. The puppy had not been neutered or had vaccines at this point.

The vet called us and begged us to take him into rescue – to try to save his life – without us doing this, he would surely die. How could we say no?

We rushed him to one of our surgeons where X-Rays were repeated. The puppy underwent surgery and when they got inside, there were pieces of what looked to be a mop and plastic in there as well as an animal bone. Unfortunately due to the length of time these foreign bodies were left inside him, his bowel had perforated and the contents of his bowel seeped into his body. The foreign bodies were removed, a bowel resection was performed, and he was also neutered when he was under.

He was transferred to a 24/7 emergency clinic as he needs to be monitored at all times. The fear is because his bowels leaked into his body, he can go septic. He is critical at this time, but we are cautiously optimistic. He is a fighter and even though he feels terrible, he is wagging his tail every time he sees a person.

Once again, PLEASE consider Pet Insurance if you can not afford situations like this. There are amazing insurance companies like Pets Plus Us that will help you in these situations. If you don't have the means to care for your pets, PLEASE don't get one.

Please take your pet to the vet AS SOON as you notice them vomiting and losing weight. If this has been treated when it had been first noticed, Charlie would have been in a very different spot than what we are dealing with now. 

If you are interested in making a donation to Charlie's care and would prefer to call the clinic directly, please private message us and we can disclose that information.

We also want to THANK the vet clinic that took him on a moments notice, and who have been monitoring him 24/7. One of the vets took him home last night to monitor him for us.

This has been a trying and stressful situation for us here at the rescue - but what matters is Charlie's recovery.

We appreciate you reading and your support for Charlie. He is still critical, but we are cautiously optimistic at this point.
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