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Cultivating Future Culture

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Are you a sensemaking junkie with a head full of future memes getting high on the second hand brain fumes of the noosphere?
...Or perhaps you flew in from a neighboring digital ecosystem for a quick peek, only to get stuck in the wispy silk tendrils spiraling out from the liminal web?
Either way. Welcome.

We're so glad you're here.
It's time to fund and resource the surveying, scaffolding, seeding, stewarding, sharing, and succession teams for Future Culture.

Game B Dialogos w/ Jim Rutt, Jordan Hall, Tyson Yunkaporta, and Daniel Schmachtenberger - The Stoa with Peter Limberg

"We need to fund Turquoise and other projects so that we can find ways to support those people so they can make a living and contribute to the sound track and interior decorating and the dancing and the shaking of hands and all that to really turn Game B into a real thing and not just a bunch of logic” - Jim Rutt (The Jim Rutt Show)
What is Future Culture?
Right here, right now... Well, it's Game B, Metamodernism, Integral, Regenerative, Complexity Sciences, Embodied NeoTribes, Solarpunk, Game Theory, p2p (peer-to-peer), Lunar Punk, Cosmolocalism, Systems Thinking, Warm Data, Change Makers, Permaculture, Futurists, Post-Politics/MetaPolitics, New Alternative Economic Models, The Emergensia, The Intellectual Deep Web, The MetaTribes, Religion that's not a Religion (SBNR), Cult that's not a Cult (Ethical Cult), Dao that's not a Dao (LiminalDAO), The Linked Open Knowledge Commons, The Embodied Distributed Wisdom Commons -- It's all that, none of that-- and a whole lot more.

Future Culture seeks to answer the theory and embody the praxis of Cultural DNA in right relationship with 100% of life. And, how to Cultivate Coherent Distributed Culture that is in Consonance with the Earth in a Good Way.
Who will benefit?
Remember how we forgot to put the "A" in STEM... Yea, well... We're still doing that.
Culture is a high science.
A Science of Cultural Systems (Karen Cham, Jeffrey Johnson 2007)
Cultural Hyperobjects (Thomaï Serdari 02 September 2020)
Scaffolding Culture with Sovereignty
Game B has potential to be more than just an idealistic meme du jour of cog psych-informed philosopher kings, permaculture hippie regen-nerds, transdiciplinary metatheorists, wisdom walking systems geeks, metamodern priestess covens, consciousness-hacking wizard guilds, integral supremacists, the sensemaking aristocracy, and psychedelic tech-bros who've been to burning man...
We love each and every one of you so deeply and it's time to do more. It's time to show up more fully, more embodied, more co-creative, more in deep relationship and self-transcendent agape with one another. #TraumaInformedCultureWarAikidoMasters
Anyhow, this project seeks to benefit everyone in these subcultures, alt-cultures, counter-cultures, and developmental cohorts interested in cultural shift and co-evolutionary transformation-- particularly those interested in manifesting and fully realizing more prosocial, game b  principals. This project may be specifically salient for those invested in mindfully creating and propagating coordinated memes, memeplexes and metamemes that seek to intentionally build protopic inertia as a cultural trim tab to manifest prosocial futures.
This is not an artist collective, a music label, a digital gallery, a cool influencer NFT project for the creator economy... This also isn't a Game B  blockchain scheme with a viral meme-coin and a goof campaign for the LOLs.

Scaffolding for the emergence of coherent distributed culture across bioregions that coheres sensemaking in digital spaces, while orienting to the physical and attuning to place-based knowledge, is no small feat.

This is a MASSIVE undertaking not for the faint of heart.
What will the funds will be used for?
Establishing and resourcing a team to commit time, energy and attention to the following short and long term goals: 
  • Establish: Confirm official core team from current resource list.
  • Plan: Move team and funding to transparent commons-based open platform like (currently in approval process) or or mainstream/alternative DAO/DLT structure (e.g. AZPO, DiSCO, DHU, DDO, hREA/ValueFlows/Neighbourhoods, Copiosis, etc.)
  • Strategize: concretize and schedule process for surveying and mapping of the Future Culture digital ecosystem. 
  • Surveying Fund: financially resource the mapping coalition of the Future Culture digital ecosystem.
  • Weave Trust Networks: enable culture team to create and deepen in relationship with current stewards and communities in the future culture ecosystems. Set and stabilize relational rhizome.
  • Research: establish appropriate information channels for deep trust and transparent communication across ecosystems.
  • Clarify: establish coherent memetic strategy and deployment, as well as emergent enculturation process -- particularly as it pertains to transmitting abstract essence, liminal art, and deep culture codes with regard to experiential cohesion, informational chunking, participatory learning, participatory culture, and memetic interoperability between co-evolutionary cohorts.
  • Communicate: linear and non-linear strategy to co-stewards and community members. Set and stabilize field.
  • Scaffold: technology to facilitate coherent coordinated distributed participatory culture. Set and stabilize membranes.
  • Seed: select musicians, artists, and other creative projects to fund with orientation to permaCULTURE (Roberto Valenti, Jillian Hovey) of virtuosity and reciprocacity.
  • Source: distribute funds to resource artists to stabilize living conditions and support their creative process.
  • Steward: idea doula and midwife artist projects through each phase to completion, including partnering with existing programs and education (eg. Design Science Studio et al.)
  • Share: gather the yield and distribute the harvest in a mindfully coordinated launch with orchestrated and emergent community cross-pollination that returns value to both artists and across communities. Potentially partner with those communities and platforms using new economic value flows models/tools that enable coordination, cooperation, and collaboration in positive echoing feedback loops.
  • Succession: compost those roles and processes which need decompose and allow the new, richer soil to emerge to improve upon on the cyclical process. 
This could be the first phase and iteration of the Cultural Cohesion work needed for The Gaian Mind Connectome and similar projects in coordinated parallax.
How soon do we need the funds?
We needed these funds years ago, decades ago... but I guess... "like yesterday" will do. ;}
The universe is always right on time! :D
What will the support will mean to us?
Literally the proliferation, continuation and sustaining of life in a real and concrete way to co-create distributed coherent culture for coordinated cultural shift. That is to say: food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, regeneration, and perhaps even the thriving of those deeply heart-centered beings in dharmic service to all of life on earth.

Future Culture Twitter
Written By: Turquoise Sound

Web 3 References
DisCO: http://Disco.Coop
Neighbourhoods on Holochain:



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