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Donate To Save Girls From Early Marriage And FGM

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Please, join this GREAT cause! The Millie’s Scholarship. 


- To rescue girls from early mariages and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM);

To pay-off cultural dowries fee to their families so that there’s little to zero chance for them to be sent to any man for marriage. 

To pay for their education so that they get a chance to dream and hope for an amazing future full of opportunities.

To welcome them into our boarding school ‘Safe Home’ so that the parents don’t see them anymore as an economic burden 

- To counsel and empower them so that they become self confident & self sufficient leaders in society.

- To protect them from rape, many sorts of violences and diseases like HIV/AIDS.

To give them their human rights including their freedom and give them a chance to enjoy their childhood, to grow up without trauma and to choose later if they want to be married or not. 


- In some communities around he world, early marriage (aka Child marriage)  is still practiced. 

This is done for various reasons: economic, traditions, religion, power, poverty, greed, insanity.. 

- Mumzys Children Relief Foundation encounters early marriages mostly in communities living in poverty with a lack of money and of basic necessities.

- Marrying their daughter early is an economic survival strategy.  Which means one less child to worry about feeding  or sending to school. 

- Plus it means receiving gifts and financial help from the man who’s marrying their daughter. 

- Many families also believe that giving their daughter away in marriage will give her a chance for a better life.

- In the harsh reality of their extreme poverty, girls are mostly seen as a source of wealth, economic assets whose marriages provide cattle, other animals, money, and gifts.

- In addition, Traditional Practices such as the payment of the dowry of bride price perpetuate child marriages.

- In many rural villages where MumzyCRF serves, a marriage is sealed after a man and his family negotiates and pays a dowry to a woman’s family in the form of cattle, other animals, or, increasingly, money. The woman can be a child and can even be a baby. 

It this last case, man should wait until the baby gets to the age of puberty or sometimes until she menstruates (8-14yo) before taking his wife back to live with him. 


- Child marriage ends childhood, slows down/stops younger’s girls growth and negatively influences children’s rights to education, health and protection. 

- Child marriage violates children’s rights and places the girls at high risk of violence, exploitation, and abuse.

- A girl who is married as a child is more likely to never get a chance to go to school or to drop out of school 

- Most of them  will never learn another skill than the ones that come with motherhood and taking care of their husband and household. 

- A married child is more likely to experience domestic violence and become infected with STD’s such as HIV/AIDS. 

- She is more likely to have children when she is still a child there is high probability that she’ll die due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth


Female circumcision (FC) or female genital mutilation (FGM) describes practices that manipulate, alter, or remove the external genital organs in young girls and women

The procedure is performed using a blade or shard of glass by a religious leader, town elder, or a medical professional with limited training. 

In about 15% of cases, infibulation, the most severe form of FGM, involves the removal of the labia and the suturing together of the vulva; this practice may place the victim’s life at risk. 

In contrast to male circumcision, the procedure produces no known health benefits and is not performed for medical reasons. 

FGM is widely recognized as a procedure that violates a person’s human rights, as well as increasing their risk for health complications.” (Please click here for the full article)


- $50/Month or $600/Year 
The cost of boarding school & education for 1 girl. (Shelter, food, school, clothing, medicine..)

- $120/One Time.
The Cost of dowry abatement - Cattle (goats) + Other Gifts + Money..)

- $150/One Time.
The cost of a send off celebration. Public ceremony with the family & community. Like for a marriage. We want the public to know that our girls are no longer available for early marriage and we want the spread awareness and hopefully to get many parents to bring their girls to our schools under our care. 

Please DONATE today to rescue and together, let’s save at least 20 young girls this year!  

Why “MILLIE”? 
Millie is the 12 year old daughter of The American Lady  -Mrs SARA LEDTERMAN
Her mother got heartbroken and in tears after finding out about the child marriages and FGM that are still in practice in the communities where Mumzys Children Relief Foundation serves in Africa.
- Mrs Sara Ledterman immediately felt compelled to take action. To imagine what was happening to children of the same age as her own Millie was unacceptable.
- After asking many questions and brainstorming ideas with Mumzy, she came up with this brilliant solution on July 23rd, 2021, A clever way for saving the girls in the most peaceful way possible by paying their dowries and rescuing them into our boarding schools, orphanages, safe homes, where we will help to raise, educate, empower and protect them until (at least) their 18th birthday.
- Meanwhile the MumzyCRF will continue working with their parents, families & communities in various sustainable project, permitting them get out of extreme poverty and to become financially independent. A win-win solution. (Thank you Sara!)
- Mrs Sara Ledterman’s hope is that you can join us in sponsoring this project, so that together, we give to those “at risk” young girls the same chances to a better future, accessibility to education, ownership of their body, choice to decide what they want to be when they grow up… Same BASIC PRIVILEGES as her own 12yo daughter MILLIE. 
- Mrs Sara Ledterman made the first donation  to this Scholarship Project ($1,000.00) and the goal is to rescue as many girls as possible in Cameroon, Kenya and possibly anywhere in Africa. 

Please join this great cause with a donation today. Any little bit goes a long way. 

Thank you so much!

Mumzy Albertine Scray. 


Mumzy Toutou Scray
Le Roy, IL
Mumzy's Children Relief Foundation

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