Fundraiser for Rob Duncan’s Cancer Treatment

Hi I’m Joshua Duncan and I’m asking for help for my dad, Rob Duncan. He has Stage 3 Liver Cancer

Growing up, my dad was my superhero. Seriously. 
He was a normal person by day, and a superhero by night.
When the world went to bed, my dad came alive.

I would be in my bed for the night, and I would pretend to sleep and wait until I heard his studio chair roll over to his keyboard. Pressing my ear against the wall in anticipation, I knew I was about to catch a glimpse of the superhero I had heard so much about. When my Dad would begin  playing his music, it would remind me that I, too, could follow my dreams. His music became my place of solace.

At the beginning of this year, my dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 liver cancer. When he first started receiving the treatments that the hospital was giving him, I thought that he would have enough energy to continue performing – after all, he was my superhero.  However after his first treatment, he soon realized that this was going to be a long journey to recovery. A long journey racked with pain and exhaustion, that he will have to go through for the rest of this year.  

I would like to share with you a letter my Dad wrote to me describing how he found out that he had Stage 3 Liver Cancer, and what he’s going through while he’s being treated for cancer:
“DEC 23, the day before Christmas Eve, an oncologist with the John Theurer Cancer Center scheduled an MRI of my liver to determine if the large mass on my liver was Cancer.

2 days later, the day after Christmas, I received an email notifying me that the results of the MRI were available for me to review. Those results confirmed that I had Stage 3 Liver Cancer.

My oncologist met with me a week later and told me she wanted me meet with the radiologist and oncologist at the Rutgers Cancer Institute to discuss Immunotherapy Infusion treatments.

Since February 23 of this year I have been on a schedule of infusion treatments every 3 weeks. These treatments will continue to the end of May.

After the final infusion treatment at the end of May, they will schedule an MRI of my liver to see if these infusion treatments were successful in shrinking the size of the cancerous mass on my liver, making me eligible for the next level of treatments, which are very powerful radiation treatments.

But if the current infusion treatments I am going through do not succeed in shrinking the size of the cancer on my liver, I will most likely go through more infusion treatments, hopefully succeeding in shrinking the remaining cancer on my liver, making me eligible for the radiation treatments.

The goal is by going through these infusion treatments, and then radiation treatments, the remaining cancer on my liver will be small enough to have surgery done to cut the remaining cancer off of my liver.

My oncologist at Rutgers Cancer Institute told me at the beginning of this year that these treatments and surgery would take from now until the end of this year to complete....

When I applied for disability, the government told me I was not eligible disability because I was 65.” 
My dad and I estimate that he will need about $7,000 to cover rent and expenses while out of work. I know that so many of you have been a huge support of Dad’s Music. Please consider supporting this fundraiser so  that my dad doesn't have to worry about money,  and can spend his energy focusing on getting healthy.

Thank you so much for your help. 

Joshua Duncan
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Joshua Duncan 
Trenton, NJ