Fundraiser for Waking Up 80 feature film

Waking Up Eighty proof of concept film was a finalist at the Lift-Off Sessions. Stay tuned for a release date for the film!

We are fundraising for the Waking Up Eighty feature film.

What is the story about?
Be careful what you wish for…

Kara Stewart is fed up with just about everything. Between the boring schoolwork, a crush on a clueless boy, and her mom’s annoying new husband, she’s pretty tired of her life as is. She wishes she was older so she could be free from the shackles of authority. After all, when she’s an adult, no one can boss her around, right? Growing up and leaving her family behind is her only desire.

That is until an accident during a failed runaway attempt leaves her in the body of her 80-year-old self in a world far beyond recognition. Now she must navigate a whole new set of emotions, problems, and situations as she struggles to live life as an older version of herself. Will she ever return to her own time, or is she doomed to die having let her whole life pass her by? Will she learn the lessons she needs? 

Waking Up Eighty is based on a novel written by Shola Lawrence and available on Amazon!

We are excited to announce our cast for Waking up Eighty.

When are you filming?
We filmed a 10-minute proof of concept film in January 2021 in Reno, Nevada. This will be released worldwide soon!!!
The feature film will go to production as soon as we have raised enough funds.

Perks for donors:
--Donate $5000 or more and become an executive producer of Waking up Eighty feature film with return of investment.

--Donate $500 or more and become the co-executive producer of Waking up Eighty feature film and receive an e-book, t-shirt and a private link to watch the feature film.

--Donate $250 and receive a special thanks credit on Waking up Eighty feature film and receive an e-book, t-shirt and a private link to watch the pilot.

--Donate $100 and receive an e-book and a private link to watch the pilot.

MJ Palo  (director, producer) – MJ is an award-winning screenwriter, director and producer. MJ earned a PhD degree in cell and molecular biology from the University of Reno and soon after found her passion in screenwriting and filmmaking. After working with directors Mikhael Bassilli and Luc Walpoth, MJ moved from screenwriting to producing and directing. MJ is best known for the feature film Baby Money, short films Mommy's Pickles and No Virtue and web series Capture Narcos and Black Eyes.

Watch No Virtue Part 1 on Amazon Prime Video ! 

Andrew Arguello  (director, cinematographer, editor) - Andrew started his film career by working for Disney. After moving back to Reno, he found his passion for film, digital cinema, and video production. Andrew has been involved with low-budget indie films as well as high-budget internationally acclaimed films. Andrew has worked with Gary Baum (Will & Grace), James Burrows (Will & Grace), and John Ealer (Netflix’s Roman Empire). Andrew is best known for films No Virtue, Memory Lane, Capture Narcos and Black Eyes.

Watch No Virtue Trailer!

Shola Lawrence (writer, creator, executive producer) Shola Lawrence first put pen to paper (figuratively) in 2013, but her interest in storytelling was born in earnest almost 4 years prior. In 2009, she gave up her day job to start her own business, supplying 3D viewing equipment for commercial and private use. From cinema houses to kid’s comic book pages, almost any experience could be enhanced with 3D. But she grew restless with just enhancing other's creative endeavors. She wanted to throw her own original ideas and opinions into the ring. And so, in 2013, she began to do just that. It was nothing major, just 20 odd pages of a short story with cute illustrations. Now, seven years later, amid a worldwide pandemic, her little labor of love has grown from a few pages with doodles to a full-fledged novel, with a screenplay adaptation ready and a script for the silver screen in the works! Having accomplished way more than she’d ever imagined, including working as executive producer with a team of great individuals on an indie film set in Nevada



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