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Travis Shane Meeks (born April 27, 1979) is an American musician, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for the acoustic rock band Days of the New.

Travis has Asperger syndrome and considers this the ulterior reason behind most of his faults and shortcomings while still being personally content. His life and career have been plagued by self-medicating substance abuse alongside conflicts with friends and band members.

Meeks was signed to Geffen Records, and from 1997 to 2001 his band of rotating musicians experienced mainstream success with three studio albums Orange, Green and Red.

Days of the New was a success, selling 1.5 million copies worldwide. Three songs from the album were hits: "Touch, Peel and Stand," "The Down Town," and "Shelf in the Room." "Touch, Peel and Stand" was number one on Billboard's Rock Chart for 17 weeks; "The Down Town" and "Shelf in the Room" were each top 40 hits.

While the next release would include a new lineup and sound, the Green albums would still reach #2 on the Mainstream Rock Charts

A label merger was occurring during and after the (Green) album.

When Travis started working on the (Red) album, his label Outpost Recordings, a subsidiary of Geffen Records, was bought out by Interscope and is owned by Universal.

The last label release from Days of the New was from Geffen entitled The Definitive Collection drawn from the group's three best-selling, critically acclaimed albums, which includes the hits and fans' favorites 'Freak', 'Touch, Peel And Stand', 'The Down Town' and 'Hang On To This'.

In 2006, Travis began touring solo and later forming a trio act while working on content for Days of the New Tree Colors. Many of these songs have been lost to time, or demo versions have leaked out online without a formal and official release.

There had also been a planned release for recordings that return Days of the New to the colored album releases and be titled the Purple Album.

Travis once stated, “As time goes on, I hope people grasp my vision too, as I release this project and reveal these colors of art and music.”

Not only has Travis wanted to finish those songs, but many of them have already been completed, leaked out, or not released and require a lot of resources to track down.

What we hope to do with this GoFundMe is to raise the money to assist Travis in getting back on his feet.

The last few public appearances of Travis performing were during the reunion of the Original Members of Days of the New’s Orange Album, which was short lived.

Travis also once said, “I lived with intense shame and the feeling of extreme inadequacy. Everything I felt like I did was wrong, and I could do nothing right.” And that “I stayed isolated most of my life from 15-26.”

He has surprised fans recently by returning to social media and has become more interactive with fans. He has also found a new sense of humbleness and wants to finish, release and start playing publically again.

Now, he is working on getting healthy but has lost a lot of his personal belongings that he is trying to get back so that he can return to his artistic roots.

He needs the help of fans and friends old and new to pitch in. We want to help him recover some of the items he has had to sell, such as his memorabilia, instruments and recording gear like his personal computer that holds a large amount of unreleased material.

This material could be included in a future release or even lead to new recordings.

Travis said in his bio, “Days of the New is a production company that, to me, represents Tree Colors - the truth, and what kept the art of Days of the New alive - the Tree and the Colors.”

Help radiate your Tree Colors by showing Travis that not only is it the art thats keeps Days of the New alive, but also the fans who have had their lives changed by the art.

By helping us raise this money, we can say that we were all members of Days of the New.

We are hoping to reach and surpass our goals with this GoFundMe. Not only will we be able to help Travis maintain his musical legacy, but we will also be able to secure the legacy of Days of the New for not only the old fans and future audiences.

With your contributions, we hope to be able to create some new merchandise for fans, such as t-shirts, stickers, unreleased music, future tours, live streams and more. But right now, we need to get the seeds planted so the tree can grow.

Every contribution will ensure another seed is planted to get more Days of the New content for you.

Thank you to everyone who asked to start this page, planning on contributing or is just wanting to show their support for such an amazing talent.

Each of you will help shape the future of Days of the New in one way or another.
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