Fundraiser for Stewart Cunningham

Dear friends, family and fans of Stewart ‘Leadfinger’ Cunningham,

As many of you are aware, Stewart was diagnosed with lung cancer in early June.  He is currently receiving treatment in dealing with this insidious disease.

Stewart has been a stalwart of the Australian underground music scene for the last three decades in bands such as the Proton Energy Pills, Brother Brick, The Yes Men, Asteroid B-612, Challenger 7 and for the last 12 years, Leadfinger.  Stew’s approach to rock n’ roll has won him many fans here and overseas and provided what many pundits attest to being some of the greatest rock tunes to come from Down Under.  Songs such as ‘See You Tonight’, ‘Rock n’ Roll Sound’, ‘Fourteen’, ‘Edge a Bit Closer’ and ‘Chokito Bar’, may not be chart toppers, but they hold up their own compared to the greats.   

It was with some reluctance that Stewart agreed to have a GoFundMe in his name, alas his current financial situation is untenable.  He has had to quit his gardening and lawn mowing job as he is unable to work.  His partner has also had to take significant time off work to provide Stew with assistance.  As I’m sure you understand this has placed significant strain on his already stressful situation.  With your assistance, we can alleviate some of the burden for Stew, his partner and two daughters.

Pathways are being made into hosting benefit gigs in the near future featuring a plethora of Stew’s beloved brother and sisters from the world of Rock.  We hope to provide you with news on this soon.

Any and all donations will be appreciated with a bucket load of gratitude by Stewart and his family and will go a long way to helping Stewy through this very challenging stage.  All messages of support will be passed onto Stewart.

Thank you x


Hi all,

Due to Stew’s fundraiser coming to the attention of The Go Fund Me team  as it has taken off so well, I’ve been asked to provide the following information on the page –

My name is Tadgh Duffy, I live in Melbourne. I have known Stewart Cunningham as a personal friend for the last 25 years.  Stewart and I have shared a house together, travelled together in Australia and overseas and our families are close.  I volunteered to run this campaign with Stew’s endorsement.

Your generosity will go towards paying for Stewart’s out of pocket medical costs, household bills and food.  Stew is unable to work for the forseeable future and his partner has greatly reduced her workload to assist him whilst he is receiving treatment.  Personally, and for Stewart’s sake I don’t believe that any further break down of where donations will be spent are necessary, as it goes against trying to leave Stew with some privacy for him and his family.  I’ve always admired the approach that Stewart has to finances and I’ve always known him to make sensible decisions when it comes to money matters.

All funds that are received by you good people are paid directly into Stewart’s bank account.

On behalf of Stew and his family, we thank you so much for your kind thoughts, sharing the campaign with others and not least, your donations that will make a big difference for a family that are facing an uncertain future.


Tadgh Duffy


Tadgh Duffy
Otford NSW

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