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(Photo: From the first School Of Bop session in Nike Community space 1948ldn)

School of BOP  is an inclusive school which welcomes children and young people from all backgrounds to explore and harness skills in modern music by creating their own sound. 

SoB is free to attend and is aimed at being a welcoming and open space for young people aged 13-25. The workshops are ran by  experienced musicians and producers, and opens an avenue for self-expression of young people from all walks of life. In a safe and inspiring space, the workshops venture into the sounds of Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Garage, Drill, Afrobeats and Grime, and by exposing young people to talented professionals, we aim to highlight the idea that music can be a viable career path as well as creative and therapeutic outlet.  

We have collaborated with the likes of NATIVE INSTRUMENTS (NI), Lewisham Music and Nike's community space 1948ldn; a space for young innovators of sports and culture. SoB approaches music creation using technology and offers participants access to music production and industry professionals. Unlike the traditional music curriculum taught in schools, SoB showcases the methods of creating music today, and supports and highlights the growing trend towards digital music-making.  SoB also shows young people the various journeys and processes into music creation whilst breaking down barriers, offering networking opportunities and creating touchpoints to meet with like-minded artists. 

We deliver sessions, walkthroughs, showcases, and Q&As from guest artists and producers, who will be present to show the young people that there is more than one way to be successful in the music industry. SoB offers mentoring and coaching to support young people to be in touch with their thoughts and to encourage positive behaviours.

(Photo: Pictures from our previous sessions')

Here are some testimonials from people who took part in School Of Bop:

"School of Bop was amazing. I had always been interested in making music but had never done so. Everyone was super patient and helpful and having people of different levels helped with developing the skills necessary to create. Having a show at the end where we could showcase our work and get advice from people in the industry was invaluable. Very thankful to the team for creating SoB, for the high-quality equipment we got to play around with and for providing support to this day."  - Reda (SoB alumni)

I feel so grateful to have been involved as a guest artist and performer for School of Bop. Set up by Intalekt and Lory, two of the most warm and nurturing people I’ve met in the music industry. They give young people a chance to get hands on with music production in a safe and inspiring space. It’s something I wish was around when I was younger. A big part of hip hop culture is sharing knowledge and this project is at the forefront of sharing and passing on knowledge to the next generation.   - Gnarly ( Guest Producer)

“What I love about School of Bop was that it’s a space for future producers to hone their skills and be surrounded by a support network of peers and mentors to help them along the process. This concept is important to me as a producer that started teaching myself how to make beats before the era of YouTube tutorials and during a time when people felt overprotective of their production secrets. I had no access to studio equipment and, back then, to be invited into a space that would offer this hands on experience was near impossible. There’s not a more effective way to speed up the process of developing your skills and to grow more confident as a producer than being in an environment like School of Bop. What I brought to it with my song breakdown was to reverse-engineer my song, “OOPS”, stripping it and breaking it down layer by layer. It was fun to answer questions about where my inspiration came from for each part and to have an open and honest dialogue with a room full of creative and curious listeners.” -  Emmavie (Guest Artist)

(Youtube: School Of Bop Showcase September 2019)

We have been fortunate enough to work with artists and producers who have selflessly given up their time to contribute and support the young creatives and SoB free of charge hence why the money we are raising is strictly for equipment only.

We are asking for £7000 to support and nurture our project. The £7000 will go towards the purchasing of six Apple Macbook Pro's of our own to go alongside our production stations. Through our collaborations with Native Instruments, we were gifted with 6 Maschine Mikro samplers and 6 Komplete M32 keyboards. Macbook Pro's are compatible with the software we are using on the above mentioned hardware. These have been chosen for longevity purposes and will stand as a reliable asset in order to maximise experience for the young creatives.

We at SoB know and understand what this can do for the community and the future creatives coming up, and we are looking to expand our reach and be able to go mobile with our sessions; going into schools, youth clubs and putting on events to continue giving a creative space to aspiring creatives.

We at SoB understand that transparency and accountability is very important and so we will be sure to post updates and progress via our social media platforms and our monthly SoB newsletter.

We hope you support us on this journey to unlocking creativity in the community and beyond.

Many Thanks,

Joshua Oladipo & The SoB Team
  • Mikey Melas 
    • £285 
    • 4 mos
  • Lisa Hooper 
    • £10 
    • 8 mos
  • Mikey Melas 
    • £180 
    • 9 mos
  • International Chrome 
    • £855 
    • 11 mos
  • Jarvis Smith 
    • £20 
    • 13 mos
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