It seems that the CAR T Cell therapy is working after a week of severe side affects, I am slowly bouncing back.
Doctors started me on Revlimid to help assist in the destruction of the cancer cells and as a maintenance drug.
The treatment has mainly affected my hemoglobin levels causing them to drop.
Team of doctors that include Hematologist/Oncologist and Nephrologist have decided to put me on Procrit which is a synthetic drug to help build up my red blood cells.
Of course everything at a cost.
Still raising funds but the remission seems closer than ever.
Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers 

***UPDATE*** 2/16/2022
I got some good news today 

The Cells that were collected on Monday for a possible Car-T Cell therapy are good and not damaged as they were expecting.
We will collect more on Friday.
I was explained that this procedure is very costly approximately $400k, is t that crazy but because of my situation I have been approved for a clinical trial at no cost to me.
I will only be responsible for the out of pocket maximum my insurance is charging me for copays of service, that’s different from meds.
I have to give permission to publish my case for learning purposes.
What is it ? CAR-T cell therapy is a kind of immunotherapy. It involves harnessing the power of a person's own immune system by engineering T cells to recognize and destroy cancer cells.
In order to be eligible for CAR-T cell therapy, typically you must have already received standard of care chemotherapies.
CAR T-cell therapy is approved for multiple myeloma that has relapsed after or is refractory to at least four prior treatments. The clinical trial showed the CAR T-cell therapy to be highly effective for patients whose disease had relapsed after or not responded to multiple prior treatments.

Once they collect all the necessary T-Cells they will be sent to the participating lab and 
they are genetically engineered to produce special receptors (CAR) that identify and attack cancer cells. The CAR T-cells are multiplied, frozen, and shipped back to Sylvester.
Then, low dose chemotherapy treatments are given to you to make room for the CAR T-cells, which are delivered in one infusion. This treatment requires hospitalization so the patient can be closely monitored for side effects or complications.

Symptoms of both reactions include high fever, low blood pressure, and flu-like symptoms. Like other CAR T-cell therapies, ide-cel also caused brain-related side effects such as confusion, seizure, tremor, loss of speech, and delirium. Three patients in the trial had brain-related side effects that didn't go away.

A lot if this will be happening very quickly 
So please continue to keep me in your prayers 
As I continue to fight 
The goal is REMISSION 
#Saulbeatscancer #multiplemyeloma

***UPDATE ***    1/12/22
I wanted to update everyone 
Thank you to everyone who helped me reach my goal.
I am covered u til the 4th of February.
I will have to do my next cycle beginning on 2/7/22, but it will be less aggressive and of course cost less as the doses will be lessened.
It’s been a rough few weeks, with hospital admissions and side affects, but I am fighting through.
Placing my faith first and hoping for a miracle.

Thank you 


So the newest challenge in my battle with cancer is dealing with the injury to my kidneys caused by the cancer itself and the numerous amounts of chemotherapies 279 to be exact along with other meds like immunotherapy.
After a brief quiet period where the cancer was dormant, it has come back and spread affecting my kidneys, bones (ribs, hip, and spine) as well as infected my blood.
Although there has been great advances with multiple myeloma treatment, the cost of the drugs are out of reach.
Luckily between insurance and pharmaceutical assistance programs, a large portion can be covered, but I still must cover a large copay.
Over $7k to be exact.
I will continue to fight as long as I can.

Saul 12/2/21

 My journey has been long and hard, there is no doubt that the right treatment and care are essential in the fight with cancer.
After Stem cell Transplant and several Chemo Treatments and immunotherapies, I have seen a light at the end of the tunnel.

Several changes in lifestyle like eating habits and following the doctors orders has allowed me to see some progress.
Fighting a disease like this takes a toll on the body and mind.
With the inability to work a steady job, and the increase in medical copayments as well as bills mounting up, I find myself struggling to get the care I need.

On March 7th, I started my first new treatment, a maintenance of sorts which will be for an entire year 14 day on and 14 days off, two oral pills and one administered intravenously just to start.
Insurance is covering a portion but I still need to cover the remaining portion.
Thank you for your continued support and help 

God bless 

#SaulBeatsCancer #multiplemyeloma

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