Help us save Loki's leg

In October 2019 we – Stray Aid Romania - took in Loki: a poodle with a lot of medical issues. He comes from an overcrowded shelter in Central America where the lack of resources is a reality, resulting in limited access to medical care. Loki stayed there six years. Now he is almost ready to go to his new home, but there is still one surgery ahead for this little guy. His back-leg needs to be taken care of so he will not limp anymore. Sadly enough, this is quite expensive.

Loki suffers from patellar luxation, which means that his kneecap (patella) is dislocated from its normal anatomic position in the groove of the thigh bone (femur). It can cause issues like cartilage damage, inflammation, pain, and even ligament tears. Patellar luxation in Loki’s right hint leg is so advanced, that the only solution to relief him is to make a surgery - it is scheduled for February 19 in the clinic "Sanimalia" in Belgium (Loki is being fostered in the Netherlands).

Since we already had a massive amount of costs, dealing with the medical issues from Loki, we are calling out for support.

The total cost of the surgery is 700 EUR. We are not going to be able to pay it without your help!

(Thanks to the support of our friends and family we managed to cover the vet bills of 231€, the one when Loki had x-rays done).

Please help us help him, every donation, as small or big as you can, is more than welcome and we will be forever thankful.


Kasia Ska
Maastricht, NL

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