Help Nate Transition

Hi, I'm Nathan and back in 2018/2019 I began my journey to  self worth. I am transgender, Female to Male, and am in desperate need for support as the United Kingdom's dedicated healthcare for those in the LGBT community is just and absolute train wreck. 

I have exhausted all options available to me but the NHS continues to fail and ignore the system. It is not maintained and our general practitioners are uneducated on the process rendering it very difficult to help us. 

I have had an unbelievable level of false hope and have been let down by every single pathway that exists and they either end in... not existing anymore, not having the funds available or waiting list. 

I am three years into a 5 year waiting list and that time only grows. 

The Laurels in 2020 saw only TWO patients from their 2700 waiting list, and though I understand Covid having impact, it definitely would not have caused such a poor performance considering a vase majority of appointments can be carried out over webcam, and I speak from experience.  

Other funding departments will absolutely not help in this, even those dedicated to shortening waiting lists. Simply because they refuse to deal with 'LGBT patients as there is a process'. That process being the Gender clinics across the UK, the part that has been failing us for the past 5 or 6 years. 

We are not updated with progress, they refuse to disclose certain information, and when we do obtain such info as we are entitled to it, it is a devastating blow to any hope and honestly have lost all faith in the process. 
I took it to politicians, and all they could tell me is 'yes thank you, sorry you're sad, we are working on it' and in this letter had stated that there has been a successful process put in place which will be "restarted sometime in 2022" and my question is- WHY WAS IT STOPPED? 

I have great friends who have helped me have assessments, so I have been able to sort my identity on paper but no the paper identity isn't what matters to me. I need to stop hurting myself. I need to stop causing skin infections all over my chest. But I can't. They have referred me to talk to someone about it- I am all talked out. I don't need to talk about it. I need action. I can't keep saying I need help, that does not help me. I actually need someone to take action and actually HELP. They say the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, but that is as far as the advice goes and no one will help me with the next step. They will tell me what it is, but don't they know I have pretty much sussed out the solution? It is out of my hands. No one will do anything about it. I've had to turn to charitable help as it is the only chance I have at this stage. 

I'm homeless. I'm jobless. I'm so depressed I am on yet another waiting list (and past the expected deadline by 3 months. I still have heard nothing)  to be rehabilitated back to normal life regarding things I won't disclose here, and not receiving help for other issues- not that I have received this rehabilitation. 

I don't go outside anymore. No comfort method helps. I can't use Covid as an excuse forever. I hate this. I hate feeling like this and I hate that the NHS do not care. All I can think about it causing enough injury to force them to do some type of procedure but that is certainly not a good idea but the level of temptation is extreme. 

My options are either here in the UK at £6995 (average quote from 2019) 
Or I could go to Germany and have it done, including my travel and accommodation would cost me within the regions of about £5000. 

The UK would be ideal, but I will absolutely book for Germany if I get that target.

I have a referral. I have my testosterone (not that I have been able to pay for many follow up appointments at £150 each) I have a diagnosis. I have all the support I need to go through with all of this I just need HELPPPP.

Anything, anything you can spare anything at all. 

If the sources for my info is wanted then.... contact me and I will provide you with all the letters and documentation regarding not being able to help me. 
The most help I got was from a private surgeon informing me that he could not do surgery without me having an assessment first and then gave me some contact details for those he knows personally. I proceeded with his recommendation, I just need the money for the operation and I can finally be done with this ...weight/wait.


Nate Williams 
Torquay, South West England, United Kingdom

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